IPCC’s Kangaroo Science…To Ignore Over 600 Papers Confirming Major Solar Impact On Climate

The upcoming 6th IPCC Sixth Assessment Report will be a “comprehensive assessment of the science” related to climate change and published in 2022. However, don’t expect it to be “comprehensive” at all as hundreds of scientific publications showing profound impacts by sun and oceans will go ignored.

Climate science has turned into a religion that centers on a single act of faith. Human CO2 is changing our climate.

In the past it was always understood that climate was impacted by a vast array of factors, such oceanic cycles, solar cycles, aerosols, cloud cover, etc. to name a few.

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Global Temperature Rise Some 75% Lower Than Models Projected!

No matter how hard climate-catastrophe obsessed alarmists attempt to beat out a little doom from the data, their results still fall far way short of their projections. Moreover, the modest warming the planet has seen over the recent decades is tied more to natural cycles.

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Clueless Beyond Belief

The economic policies of the 1920s were called the “Roaring 20s.” Obama created ISIS. Obama gave us the worst post-war recovery in history. Progressives elected him twice.

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Something Simply Isn’t Passing the Stink Test


Anyone that has ever dabbled in politics knows that the Democrats and Communists are very closely related, and often coordinate efforts. Unions, Environmental Groups, Human Rights Campaigns are often partially funded by Communist Front Groups. Go into a Ghetto and attend a “grassroots” rally. All the participants will be holding manufactured signs, many of them stamped with “Paid For By The World’s Worker Party,” or some other communist affiliation.

As the introductory graphic demonstrates, Congress is aware of the close ties between the Watermelon (Green on the outside Red on the Inside) Environmental Groups. These relationships are well known to just about anyone in politics, and certainly well known to Democrats that benefit from the efforts. When I attended Tea Party events busses would show up right before the media cameras, and the rent a mob would rush to get in front of the Tea Party and grab the media attention. Once the cameras stop filming, the mob would get back on the bus and follow the cameras to the next event. The same person could be seen at multiple events holding the same sign. I was told stories about some people make being a member of a “rent a mob” a career, and coming all the way from California.

With that understanding from my actual experiences, I can’t figure out for the life of me how the FBI is discovering a communist agent in the NRA and not an environmental group. I’ve never seen a Conservative Group hand out stuff paid for by the communists. The NRA doesn’t promote an agenda that would help destroy America. Russians are unarmed for a reason. The fact that the FBI finds a spy in the NRA and not the Sierra Club pretty much proves they are looking in all the wrong places. For every 1 Spy they can find in the NRA, they could find 1,000 in left-wing groups. Once again, Conservatives aren’t the ones embracing socialism, and the Russians aren’t supporting armings their citizens.

The only reason the Russians would have to infiltrate the NRA would be to destroy it, not strengthen it like they do with left-wing groups. Communists can’t take over America as long as there is the 2nd Amendment, so the Russians have no reason to support the NRA. Supporting the NRA simply doesn’t forward their cause. Destroying the US Oil Industry and promoting the AGW myth does.

Accused Russian agent Mariia Butina tried to trade sex for influence, say prosecutors
Previously, the FBI had said Butina was trying to establish relationships with a “gun rights organization,” which NBC News has reported is the NRA. (Source)

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The Price of a Failed Education; “Unemployment is Low Because People are Working 2 Jobs”

The economic ignorance of Progressives simply can’t be overstated.

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Welcome to 1984 in America


The 1st and 2nd Amendments mean nothing to a Progressive. BTW, this is how things are truly run in Russia. Congress needs to act sooner rather than later. Facebook and Google are doing far more election tampering than Russia. Russia buys $500,000 in ads, Google and Facebook violate the Rights of 50% of America. Which do you think has a bigger impact on the election?


This is how you tamper with elections. You prevent the other side from expressing their views.

Following this article’s publication, Rivitz confirmed that he founded Sleeping Giants.

The group’s original stated goal was to cripple Breitbart, the pro-Trump website whose former chairman, Steve Bannon, worked in the White House as President Donald Trump’s chief strategist.

To accomplish that goal, Sleeping Giants has waged an intense campaign to pressure Breitbart’s advertisers into pulling their ads from the website. It’s worked pretty much as designed.

Breitbart lost 90 percent of its advertisers over the span of two months in 2017. Sleeping Giants has both maintained its pressure on Breitbart’s remaining advertisers and expanded its focus.


Some loser with a computer can rob millions of people of their voice. Truly pathetic. America embraces these Progressives at their own peril.

Nick Loeb’s anti-abortion film blocked from filming at iconic NYC spots


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