Model Failure…New Papers Show Climate Models Unreliable…At Times “Near-Zero Performance”!


A team led by Christopher O’Reilly has checked over how well the most common climate models have reproduced the winter temperatures of the northern hemisphere over the past 100 years. The scientists were astonished to find the prognosis performance for the middle of the 20th century was almost zero. That’s a bitter setback. The models appear to be missing something. In view of the glaring deficits, is it really acceptable that policymakers to derive policy from such models and to make globally decisions based on them? What follow is the abstract of the paper, which appeared in June 2017:

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Climate Change Drivers

Thermalization and the complete dominance of water vapor in reverse-thermalization explain why atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) has no significant effect on climate. Reported average global temperature (AGT) since before 1900 is accurately (98% match with measured trend) explained by a combination of ocean cycles (41.7%), sunspot number anomaly time-integral (38.0%) and increased atmospheric water vapor (20.3%).

Introduction (rev 5/8/17, 10/18/17)
The only way that energy can significantly leave earth is by thermal radiation. Only solid or liquid bodies and greenhouse gases (ghg) can absorb/emit in the wavelength range of terrestrial radiation. Ghg absorb/emit only at specific wavelengths which are characteristic for each molecule specie. In the range of terrestrial temperatures, non-ghg must transfer energy to ghg (or liquid or solid bodies) for this energy to be radiated. Note: The expression ‘greenhouse gas’ is somewhat misleading (greenhouses actually work primarily by suppressing convection). A more correct understanding is that so-called ghg can absorb/emit radiation in the wavelength range of significant infrared radiation associated with earth temperatures.

The word ‘trend’ is used here for temperatures in two different contexts. To differentiate, α-trend is an approximation of the net of ocean surface temperature oscillations after averaging-out the year-to-year fluctuations in reported average global temperatures. The term β-trend applies to the slower average energy change of the planet which is associated with change to the average temperature of the bulk volume of the material (mostly ocean water) involved.

Some ocean cycles have been named according to the particular area of the oceans where they occur. Names such as PDO (Pacific Decadal Oscillation), ENSO (el Nino Southern Oscillation), and AMO (Atlantic Multi-decadal Oscillation) might be familiar. They report the temperature of the water near the surface. The average temperature of the bulk water that is participating in these oscillations cannot significantly change so quickly because of high effective thermal capacitance [1].

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ICE AGE EARTH: Global FREEZE lasting 120 YEARS threatens ‘more intense’ winters from 2019

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In the coming years, David Dilley, CEO of Global Weather Oscillations, believes winters will only become “more intense” in the UK due to a combination of “dangerous” climate factors.

His research shows that by 2019, Earth will enter a natural 120-year cooling cycle that happens roughly every 230 years, bucking the warming trend.

Predictions of low solar activity for 33 years between 2020 and 2053 are also predicted to send thermometers plummeting, according to his research.

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The Radical “Environmentalists” Are Too Often the Problem, Not the Answer

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Modern “environmentalists” are increasingly not the answer to environmental problems; they are too often the primary problem. They are attempting to remake society, government, and the economy to solve what they claim are environmental problems. Their “cures” are often much worse than the problems, which are increasingly more minor or even non-problems.

Some of the Policies Promoted by Modern Environmentalism
Often justified largely on the basis of junk science they have come up with such wonderful policy prescriptions as using only unreliable sources of energy because they are “sustainable,” keeping natural resources in the ground rather than using them to meet human needs, having government tell manufacturers what requirements their products must meet to use less energy rather than encouraging manufacturers to meet the needs of their customers, all in the name of “energy efficiency,” substituting government dictates for market solutions on any issue related to energy use, and teaching school children junk science that happens to meet “environmentalists” ideological beliefs in hopes of perpetuating these beliefs to future generations even though they do not conform to the scientific method, the basis of science.

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The war on coal is a war on the environment and the poor.

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Palm Springs Declares War On ‘RACIST’ Trees


The greatest advantage Progressives have over Conservatives is that they are willing to exploit epic levels of ignorance, and the fears, insecurities, and vulnerabilities of women and minorities. If you can convince your believers/Sheeple that trees are racist, you can convince them of anything. Progressives will never engage in a conversation to convince people that trees are racist, the Progressives will bid for the Government contract to remove the trees, and hand out voter registrations to the people showing up to cheer the event. These same groups overwhelmingly support the political party that is pushing the Global Warming Hoax. The common denominator is gullibility and ignorance.

On Wednesday, and others reported that the city of Palm Springs, California, has declared war on a group of tamarisk trees planted over 50 years ago because they were allegedly planted for racist reasons.

Palm Springs Declares War On ‘RACIST’ Trees (W/ Video)

Progressives have mastered the techniques of exploiting ignorance.

While we may be able to laugh off how completely idiotic racist trees are, the history of Progressives exploiting ignorance has a horrific history. Eugenics, the progressive cocktail party pseudoscience topic du jour of the early 1900s, laid the foundation of the Holocaust and was the vile racist Margaret Sanger’s inspiration for Planned Parenthood. To this day, Progressives exploit the biological, evolutionary, anthropological, genetic, biochemical and scientific ignorance of young women to maintain any hope of winning elections. Progressives have the ability and will to deceive and exploit young women into believing that the baby kicking in their womb isn’t a “life.” Progressives have the power to convince women to deny their most basic biological instincts and violate the very evolutionary function critical for their and our species existence. This level of evil is unknown to the rest of the Animal Kingdom, with Homo Sapiens standing alone as the only species where the female is willing to deliberately kill its unborn young for purely selfish reasons. That is a very high price to pay for power, and in my opinion, anyone that covets power that greatly should never be trusted, and history supports that position.

Bottom line, if progressives’ absolute moral bankrupcy enables them to encourage/tolerate beliefs like racist trees and convince women to kill their innocent children for political gain, they are certainly capable of manufacturing the Global Warming Hoax. Sorry, Climate Change Hoax.

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