First a CIA Director Voted for a Communist, Now an FBI Director Campaigns for Democrats


These are truly amazing times. The Progressives have chosen to expose who they truly are, and are no longer even trying to hide their biases. Their actions are simply reinforcing the fears of every Conservative and Patriotic American.

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Ambition Counteracting Ambition

These are the same groups that are pushing AGW. They simply have no credibility, and they are blinded by bias.

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Accuse Others of What You are Guilty


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Obama Trusted This Guy To Lead the CIA


This nitwit obviously didn’t watch the Strzok testimony and must know what is on the DNC Servers. Obama staffed our Justice, Law Enforcement and Intelligence Agencies with political hacks. Truly pathetic. These people are so blinded by their bias and hatred they can’t see beyond their upturned noses.

Treason is when a few high placed CIA, Justice and FBI Officials conspire to undermine the Vote of the People.



I didn’t believe the above Tweet, so I looked up the facts. Obama literally put a Communist Sympathizer in charge of the CIA.

“I froze,” Brennan said during a panel discussion about diversity in the intelligence community at the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation’s annual conference. “This was back in 1980, and I thought back to a previous election where I voted, and I voted for the Communist Party candidate,”


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Dinner parties and climate change: a guide

t was not long ago that the rule for polite conversation at dinner parties was to avoid religion or politics. If one could not find a neutral topic, then the suggestion was to “talk about the weather”.

Alas, this is no longer applicable, as the weather – like politics and religion – has become a controversial topic. Indeed, any freak or extreme weather event is almost invariably accompanied by a knowing nod and reference to climate change.

Belief in global warming has itself become a quasi-religion, and one is faced with the obvious choice between enlightened affirmation or “anti-science” denial.

For those not willing to be bound by this binary straitjacket, here is a list of reasonable positions to hold at any dinner party or social gathering of moderately well-informed people. Consider it your passport to intelligent, polite conversation while remaining true to a fair reading of a difficult and complex problem.

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See, We’re Not Nuts, CO2 does Cool the Atmosphere

FunnelWe here at CO2isLife are not Climate “Scientists.” We view that as a huge bonus because we haven’t been brainwashed into the Carbon Cult. We simply look at the data and interpret it as real scientists would. We don’t have a dog in this fight. Our salaries aren’t dependent upon CO2 being the cause. We can simply seek the truth.

One of the most controversial claims we’ve made at CO2isLife is that CO2 actually works to cool the atmosphere. The reason for this is based on the physics of the Green House Gas Effect (GHG). The GHG Effect requires IR Radiation to contact a GHG Molecule in the atmosphere. The atmosphere thins with altitude, so if you think of the space between two molecules as a window, the windows are larger the higher up you go in the atmosphere. Windows are small near the earth’s surface, so it is far easier for IR to travel out of the atmosphere than back towards the surface. If you think of a funnel and a BB Gun, it is far easier to shoot the BB through the funnel with the wide side towards you, than the narrow side. The atmosphere is essentially a huge number of funnels with their wide-side towards the earth, letting IR leave, but not come back.

Here is just one of the Posts we’ve made addressing this issue:

Climate “Science” on Trial; Evidence Shows CO2 COOLS the Atmosphere

You most likely have never heard of that explanation, and I admit, I thought that most people would think we were nuts for saying it…even though the evidence demonstrates the phenomenon. Fortunately, there are some real scientists doing real work, and guess what they found in our favorite location for controlling for H2O and the Urban Heat Island Effect, Antarctica?

Isolating the Contribution of CO2 on Atmospheric Temperature

You got it, CO2 acts to COOL Antarctica. Imagine that, we truly aren’t nuts. Don’t take our word for it, here is the research. Imagine that, we knew this and it didn’t take a Ph.D. in Climate Science. Question is, why didn’t the Ph.D.s in CLimate Science know this? Maybe they really aren’t teaching science in Climate Science and it is more focused on politics.

Important new study from AWI: Cooling discovered in Antarctica, enabled by Carbon Dioxide

Hypotheses behind the thesis
The occurrence of emission maxima at TOA in the absorption bands of GHGs means, that, from a top of atmosphere perspective, the presence of GHGs causes a surplus of energy loss into space. Taking the difference between surface and TOA emission as greenhouse effect, this yields a negative GHE being observed over Antarctica. Furthermore, when considering increasing concentrations of GHGs, particularly CO2, this phenomenon should yield an increase in thermal emission. This is opposite to what is generally known to result from increasing concentrations of GHGs.


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Progressive PC Witch Hunts…What’s the Benefit?

Warning: Hateful Racist Language Used in the above Drake Video

US Congresswoman Dances to Drake to appeal to Millennials

Dem lawmaker dances to Drake song to promote millennial voter turnout (Source)

The one skill the Progressives have that rises above all others is their ability and willingness to destroy people’s lives over the most insane politically correct reasons and hypocritical selective moral outrage. Progressives seem to think there are two sets of rules, and they are exempt from both. Hillary even hosted an election eve night Rap concert in Philadelphia that used racist and anti-Cop Lyrics. I guess if promoting racism can get you votes it is ok if you are a Democrat.

As the above article highlights, a Democratic Congresswoman can dance to a Rapper that uses unbelievably racist and hateful language in his videos. Videos that aren’t blocked on YouTube, Facebook or Twitter, and he is never protested in San Francisco or Berkeley. NOW, #MeToo, the DNC, and the NAACP are completely silent about Rap Music.

When however some innocent White Guy tries to understand race issues and sings one of those songs, he has to resign. It appears not even the liberal press is safe from Progressive Tyranny.

The publisher of the East Bay Express weekly newspaper resigned on Saturday, admitting to “indiscretions” and saying his presence had “become a threat to the mission ….of healthy independent journalism.”

Stephen Buel stepped down one day after posting a lengthy “apology and pledge” on the newspaper’s website in which he admitted that he used derogatory words while discussing a story he had unilaterally removed from the newspaper website that described “white people singing along to live hip-hop songs that contained the N-word.”

“I said a couple of those words aloud,” Buel wrote in his apology. “I should not have done so and am extremely sorry that my remark caused others pain.”

The resignation also followed an online exchange with former Express publisher Jody Colley, who said Buel had “inappropriately kissed me at a work event.” In his reply to her post, Buel conceded he “gave Colley an inappropriate congratulatory kiss… immediately realized the error and apologized.”


Oh, it also looks like congratulatory kisses are worth of the Progressive’s Wrath as well.

America embraces the selective application of moral hypocrisy of the politically correct Left at its own Peril. They stand for power, not principle, and when dealing with those kinds of people, no one is safe because they have no set of guiding rules other than the ends justifying the means.

Another shameful Progressive “victory.”

It looks like the old Progressive Double Standard might not be so reliable.

Lawsuit Arising From Bill Maher’s Use of the N-Word Moves Forward.


My view? Zero chance Bill Maher will lose his job at HBO. The Double Standard and Selective Moral Outrage define the Progressive Left if Bill falls they all fall.

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Why Progressives Are So Dangerous

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At the very core of Progressive Politics is Leninism masquerading as Marxism. They can’t champion Lenin and Stalin because they are the personification of pure unadulterated evil. Marx is the smiling face of the Devil, Lenin and Stalin are the fangs being hidden by that smile.

When you boil Leninism down, it is a simply a system that concentrates power, controls that power, and imposes that power on the people. Lenin was one of if not the most successful community organizers in history. Unlike our Founding Fathers that organized the community to fight Tyranny and deliver freedom to the individual, Lenin did just the opposite. Leninism is the blueprint for Tyranny.

Lenin identified institutions and functions that were critical to maintaining society, and he set out to control them. Once in control of them, he didn’t use them to ensure and protect the rights and liberties of the people, he used them to control the people and impose his will.

This is important because of what is happening today. Today we have 99% of the FBI agents that are honorable hard-working people, but it only takes one at the top to undermine democracy. It only takes 1 Peter Strzok, 1 Susan Rice, 1 Loretta Lynch, 1 Lisa Page, 1 Andrew McCabe, 1 President Obama, 1 Progressive in the wrong position.

Lenin, Castro, Ho Chi Min didn’t lead their revolutions by motivating the people with the promise to rob all of society of their individual freedoms, they lead their revolutions by keeping their true intentions hidden from the “useful idiots.” Once the trap was set, the people were organized to work against their own best interests, and for the Tyrants.

Our Founding Fathers understood this, and is why they enshrined the necessity to pass on freedom to our children in the Preamble to the US Constitution with the line “Ensure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity.” If Progressives have they way, they will erase that line for all of history. We will never be more than 1 election away from never tasting freedom again.

Everything detailed in the Communist Goals is intended to get America to destroy itself from within and surrender our individual freedoms. Their MO is to empower and organize Society’s misfits just like Hitler organized thugs into his Brownshirts and Mousollini has Blackshirts. Here is the blueprint to Tryanny. Note how the Media, Academia and the Arts play an important role in undermining America. (Source)


Progressives excel in exploiting Community Chokepoints. They identify them, seize control of them, and then choke the freedom-loving life out of the Society.

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