Federal court will hold first-ever hearing on climate change science


The entire reason the CO2isLife website was created was to demonstrate that if the science behind climate change was ever presented in a court of law, it would easily be exposed as a fraud. The violation of common and widely accepted scientific, mathematical and statistical practices is so obvious even an uneducated jury would see right through it. When Al Gore’s movie “An Inconvenient Truth” was hauled in front of a UK Judge, it didn’t fair very well. Neither will the “science” being promoted by the alarmists.

The initial posts on this Blog were titled “Climate “Science” on Trial; The Forensic Files Exhibit A thru Z.” Many more followed, but the naming changed.

Climate “Science” on Trial; The Forensic Files Exhibit A

Climate “Science” on Trial; The Forensic Files Exhibit Z

A collection of the Exhibits can be found on the “Smoking Gun” Post

Criminal Case against the alarmists

Timeline of the Fraud

Manufacturing warming

How does Ice melt is Sub-Zero Temperatures

NASA GISS Temperatures don’t validate warming

Ground measurements don’t support warming

How Much Does 1 Degree Cost

Better Uses for the Money

End all Be all Collection of arguments exposing the AGW Myth

Simply search this Blog for “Forensic File,” “Climate “Science” on Trial,” “Congress should Investigate,” and “How to Discuss Global Warming.”

If you know anyone working on the Trial, please forward them a link to this website. This Blog is a readymade prosecution of the field of climate “science.”

Unfortunately, this trial is being held in San Francisco, so it is doubtful the oil companies will be given a fair hearing. In anticipation of a show trial, Congress should have their own trial on “climate science.” Congress, after all, is who is spending all the money on this nonsense, and the taxpayers have a right to know what they are getting for their hard earned money.

If anyone knows this U.S. District Court Judge William Alsup, please send him a link to this website.

Federal court will hold first-ever hearing on climate change science

A federal judge in San Francisco has ordered parties in a landmark global warming lawsuit to hold what could be the first-ever U.S. court hearing on the science of climate change.

The proceeding, scheduled for March 21 by U.S. District Court Judge William Alsup, will feature lawyers for Exxon, BP, Chevron and other oil companies pitted against those for San Francisco and Oakland — California cities that have accused fossil fuel interests of covering up their role in contributing to global warming.

“This will be the closest that we have seen to a trial on climate science in the United States, to date,” said Michael Burger, a lawyer who heads the Sabin Center for Climate Change Law at Columbia University.

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Totalitarian States are Better for Dealing with Climate Change


Here at CO2isLife we have always maintained the Climate Change is just one many agenda issues Totalitarian Progressives use to promote their anti-capitalism pro-totalitarian agenda. As with all Progressive issues, the solutions they offer is greater government control over the economy and individual, and the results of these solutions are never considered. The symbolic efforts of wasting other people’s money are being done to generate votes, not solve the problem. If one looks at Climate Change as a single battle in the much larger multi-front war for the hearts and minds of the voter, with climate change being fought by the totalitarian progressives, all this nonsense begins to make sense.

With that understanding, the following headline starts to make sense. You have to get people comfortable with the idea of being ruled by totalitarians is a good idea before they will ever accept that kind of rule. When you read the following, just compare and contrast China to the US. The assertion is absurd. Totalitarian states are infinitely far destructive to the environment and are far more willing to use fossil fuels. China is currently building a 700 coal-burning power plants…and laughing at the US as fools.

Threat Assessment: Democratic Peoples Make Policy Responses to ‘Climate Change’ More Difficult

The “Worldwide Threat Assessment of the U.S. Intelligence Community,” which was delivered to the Senate Armed Services Committee today by Director of National Intelligence Daniel Coats, says that “democracies” will find it especially difficult to muster policy responses to issues such as “migration” and “climate change” because the people in those countries “become less trusting of authoritative information sources.”

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The Politically Incorrect Guide to Climate Change; On Sale Now


“The Politically Incorrect, Scientifically Correct, Guide to Climate Change

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Climate Hustle

EXCLUSIVE: An “ugly” chapter that didn’t make the Bestseller Book: The Politically Incorrect Guide® to Climate Change

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Why the Oscars are like the Scientific Consensus

Kimmel: We Make Films ‘To Upset Mike Pence.’ That’s True, And It’s An Important Admission.

On Sunday evening, ABC late night host Jimmy Kimmel dropped an absolute stinker of a performance — bland, flat, and politically correct. But he did drop one joke that landed: a joke targeting Vice President Mike Pence, but accidentally exposing Hollywood for what it is. Noting that many of the nominated films were seen by virtually no one, Kimmel stated, “That’s not the point. We don’t make films like Call Me By Your Name for money. We make them to upset Mike Pence.” Call Me By Your Name is a gay seduction story between a 24-year-old and a 17-year-old.

When I wrote Primetime Propaganda: The True Hollywood Story Of How The Left Took Over Your TV back in 2011, I interviewed dozens of Hollywood insiders — show creators, writers, producers, and executives. Many of them admitted outright that they purposefully stacked their shows with leftist messages; a few even said that they openly discriminated against conservatives in their business. But nearly all of them excused such discrimination by claiming that they were responding to the market — they explained that their leftist content is what Americans wanted to watch, and that their ratings were evidence that they weren’t just propagandists.

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Why am I writing this on a Global Warming Blog? Because here are CO2isLife we have always maintained that Global Warming is a political, not a scientific movement, and to understand global warming, you have to understand the political tactics of the Progressive Left. Jimmy Kimmel’s hatefull, bullying and bigoted comment reveals a lot about the tactics of the progressive left. As he stated, Hollywood will spend fortunes to produce garbage that no one will accept, simply to push a highly divisive and intentionally offensive political agenda.

The objective isn’t to produce a good movie, the intention is to undermine the political opposition. Once the garbage is produced and fails at the BoxOffice, it is then submitted to the “peer review” process to be judged by like minded “experts” that all share the same agenda. Miracously, the piece of trash is determined to be great “art” and awarded the Picture of the Year. The same MO is used in the field of climate science. A rigged process of peer review “experts” corrupt the system in an attempt to legitimize junk science. The results of the climate alarmists’ efforts has had about as much effect on the public’s opinion as awarding Oscar Nominations has been to the movie’s box office.

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Ouch History isn’t Friendly to Progressives; History Repeats Itself in the Climate Change Debate

As we’ve pointed out on this Blog countless times, one of the favorite tactic of the progressives is to “Accuse Others of What You are Guilty.” Climate alarmists are the true science deniers, so they call the real scientits “deniers.” They attack anyone that disagrees with them, and avoid rational debate. The above two videos highlight how the tactics Progressives use to promote their climate change agenda is also used in other areas of the political arena as well. Progressives just love to dress others in their dirty clothing. Just today, you see Hollywood, the most morally bankrupt human cespool on earth, afters years of unhindered exploitation of women, is attempting to smear Conservatives and Republicans as hostile to women. The bottom line, the entire foundation of Progressive Politics is convincing the people that vote for them that they are voting for something other than what they truely are. Deciet and deception is the Progressive’s defining MO, and it isn’t contained to just the Climate Change issue.

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Dear Climate Alarmist Celebrities: No One Cares What You Think

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CO2 Can’t Explain Ground Measurement Variations

Ground Measurements

When discussing CO2 caused climate change, one must always tie the observation back to the only defined mechanism by which CO2 can affect climate change. The only defined mechanism by which CO2 can impact the climate is through the Greenhouse Gas Effect. The Greenhouse Gas Effect as it relates to CO2 is the thermalization of LWIR between 13 and 18µ, this is it, that is the only mechanism by which CO2 can affect climate change. CO2 can only cause warming, warming caused by the vibration of the CO2 molecule due to the absorption of LWIR between 13 and 18µ. I repeat this over and over and over because this is a science, and as a science, you have to isolate the cause and the effect.

With that understanding, we will now discuss the introductory graphic. The introductory graphic shows the temperature measurements over the past 100 years. A blue circle is a location that cooled over the past 100 years, and a red plus location warmed over the past 100 years. 1/3rd of all locations in the lower 48 cooled over the past 100 years. Why then isn’t the fact that 2/3rds of all temperature stations showed warming proof of CO2 driven global warming?

2/3rds of all locations showing warming is evidence that those locations warmed over the past 100 years, it is far from evidence that CO2 caused the warming. Why? Because CO2 is evenly distributed throughout the atmosphere. Currently, CO2 is 400 ppm at the locations that warmed, and 400 ppm at those locations that cooled. That condition existed throughout the past 100 years. Because this is a science, and because it is a science and not witchcraft you have to be able to explain how a change is CO2 can explain a warming in one location and a cooling in another location just down the street when both had equal concentrations of CO2. Because CO2 is a constant across the globe, CO2’s only effect on the temperature graph would be a parallel shift, not a spike here and a dip there, that isn’t the impact thermalizing LWIR between 13 and 18µ would have.

The other problem is that H2O dominates the lower atmosphere, CO2 literally has zero measurable impact. All ground measurements are located in the layer where CO2 has no impact. The CO2 signature isn’t even noticeable until about 3km up in the atmosphere where H2O has precipitated out. To identify CO2’s impact on the lower atmosphere, you have to control for all other factors like H20 and the Urban Heat Island Effect. To do that, you have to look at Antarctica and Antarctica hasn’t warmed over the past 50 years.

The fact that climate alarmists rely on ground measurements to make their case of CO2 caused climate change demonstrates an ignorance of biblical proportions. Satellite measurements measure the proper layer of the atmosphere to identify the CO2 signature and satellite temperatures show a clear relationship with the oscillations of the oceans, not CO2. If that is the case, you have to explain how LWIR between 13 and 18µ can warm the oceans. Spoiler alert!!! It can’t. UV and Visible light warm the oceans, not LWIR.

More on this topic: Cherry Picking to Manufacture Warming

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