Slimate Clience Nonsense; “The List” Continued

Child Brides

Years ago I learned of “The List,” which is a website that tracked all the ridiculous claims made by slimate climatists. Unfortunately, “The List” is no longer being updated. Going forward, I will attempt to continue the effort started by “The List” and document all the nonsense coming out of the Slimate Clientists.

The original “List”: A complete list of things caused by global warming

The following is a list of recent largely tax-payer funded slimate clience nonsense:

Why climate change is creating a new generation of child brides

Solve climate change … make people smaller

Bearded Dragons Are Dumber Because of Climate Change

Claim: ‘Climate Change Could Increase Volcano Eruptions’

How climate change could cause a pumpkin shortage

Rising Seas Could Submerge the Oldest English Settlement in the Americas

Climate change morphing the skulls of mice

‘Gender justice:’ ‘To combat climate change, increase women′s participation’

Scientists Say Earth Is Doomed — Just Like They Did 25 Years Ago

Global Warming Blamed for ‘Extremely Cold Temperatures’ in Vineyards

Climate Change Might Lower Salaries

Claim: Peeing in the Shower will Help Save the Climate

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The Value of a Consensus? Not Much


If you want a very easy to explain why a “consensus” on a forecast is worthless, one simply needs to look at the College Football Rankings. Weather Forecasters can’t accurately predict the weather one week in the future, Stock Market Analysts can’t predict the Stock Market one week in the future, but the easiest way to debunk the value of a “consensus” are the college football rankings. Just this weekend consensus #1 Alabama fell to Auburn, and the game wasn’t even close. Last year consensus #1 Alabama got beat by Clemson for the National Championship. Rarely, if ever, does the pre-Season #1 ever end up winning the National Championship. Sports handicapping experts, the entire Las Vegas machine, and the collective mind of the College Football Loving World have an awful record of picking winners, but they are still far better than the record produced by the Slimate Clience “experts.”

After 30 Years, Alarmists Are Still Predicting A Global Warming ‘Apocalypse’

To celebrate nearly three decades of dire predictions, The Daily Caller News Foundation put together this list of some of the most severe doomsday prophecies made by scientists, activists and politicians:

1. Apocalyptic warnings on repeat

A group of 1,700 scientists and experts signed a letter 25 years ago warning of massive ecological and societal collapse if nothing was done to curb overpopulation, pollution and, ultimately, the capitalist society in which we live today.

The Union of Concerned Scientists put out a second letter earlier this year, once again warning of the dire consequences of global warming and other alleged ecological ills. Now numbering 15,000, the group warns “soon it will be too late to shift course away from our failing trajectory, and time is running out.”

“We must recognize, in our day-to-day lives and in our governing institutions, that Earth with all its life is our only home,” the scientists and experts warned.

It’s a terrifying warning — if you ignore the fact that none of their 1992 warning has come to fruition.

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Before 1960s-’70s Global Cooling Was Erased, It Caused Droughts, Crop Failures, Glacier Advance, Ice Age Threats

Changing Scientific Consensus

1970s: Global Cooling A Serious Threat

Today: Global Cooling Never Happened

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The Generation that Believes in AGW

A Millennial job interview from @TheDanielBrea on Vimeo.

No comment needed, but this generation votes.

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Solar Cycle Points to a Coming Global Cooling


The current solar cycle 24 is the third weakest since the systematic observation of solar cycle activity began in 1755. Only solar cycles nos. 5 and 6 (1798…1823 during the Dalton Minimum) were weaker.

Editor Note: One note about the introductory graphic and historic sunspot counts. Early instrumentation may have resulted in sunspots being undercounted because if two sunspots were closely located, they may have been counted as one sunspot, not two. What that means is that the 5 and 6 solar cycles most likely undercounted the sunspots, and are most likely closer to the current level of -4048 than the graphic demonstrates.

Read more: Signs Show Planet Entering A New Dalton Minimum…Solar Cycle 24 Continues To Be Weakest In 200 Years!

More Evidence: 7 Major Signs The Globe’s Surface Has Been Cooling, And Will Continue To Cool

Natural Control for Atmospheric CO2 Shows NO Warming in over 1,600 Years


Antarctica is a natural control for Atmospheric CO2. If there is anyplace on earth that a CO2 signature will be measured, it will be in the very very very dry and cold air of Antarctica. (BTW, note the variability of the temperature in the above graphic)

If there is anyplace on earth that is a natural control for the impact of increasing atmospheric CO2 it is Antarctica. Antarctica’s average winter temperature is -60 degrees Celsius which is close to the peak absorption of CO2 of -80 degree Celsius. Most importantly, however, is that the Antarctica air is very very very dry, so there is no impact from water vapor. The only significant GHG in the South Pole Troposphere is CO2.

New studies demonstrate that not only has Antarctica not been warming with an increase in CO2, it has actually been COOLING over the last 1,600 years.

A new study suggests temperatures across Antarctica have been falling for the last 1,600 years. This natural climate change would have been a threat to baby penguins, forcing them to walk much further across sea-ice for food.

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More on the failed relationship between CO2 and temperature: More Scientific Evidence For CO2’s Dubious Climate Impact Emerges

NASA Scientists Reviews Climate Models

THE TRCS CLIMATE MODEL – HAROLD DOIRON, PH.D. – 18JAN2017 from Jim Peacock on Vimeo.

Read More: The Right Climate

HOUSTON—Unvalidated climate models that don’t correspond with physical data and the requirements of the scientific method contribute to unfounded climate alarmism, a retired NASA physicist said at the Heartland Institute’s recent America First Energy Conference.

Since America’s national security depends in part on energy security, unsubstantiated claims about global warming that prevent policymakers from making “rational decisions” with regard to the development of U.S. energy resources have become a national security threat, said Hal Doiron, a 16-year NASA veteran.

The “propaganda” underpinning climate alarmism is “causing tremendous political bottlenecks” that prevent government officials from “doing the right thing” on energy, he said.

Doiron, who helped develop the Apollo Lunar Module’s landing dynamics software during NASA’s moon missions, also expressed concern that the U.S. military has been directly affected by climate alarmist claims separated from sound science.

Read More: Climate Change Alarmism Is ‘Garbage In, Garbage Out,’ Retired NASA Physicist Says

More on this Topic: Climate Statistician: Don’t confuse science with modeling – It’s Kathleen Hartnett White, not Ed Markey, Who’s Right on Climate Models

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Scientific Fascism; How to Manufacture a Consensus


One of the most absurd claims is that there is a scientific “consensus” on something as infinitely complex as the causes of climate change. There may be an actual consensus on the existence of the greenhouse gas effect, something that can be experimentally demonstrated, but a consensus that CO2, a trace gas at 0.04% of the atmosphere, is the sole cause of potentially catastrophic warming is a joke. The mathematics and data simply don’t exist to make such a claim. We can’t model the S&P 500 or the weather 1 week out, the claim that we can model the climate 100 years in the future is science fiction on steroids.

How then do you reach a scientific “consensus?” Easy, one needs to look no further than Silicon Valley to see the MO that is the standard practice of the “progressive” left. Just recently Google fired a white male engineer James Damore for challenging Google’s “diversity” program. What was his crime? He dared to state that there are material differences between the sexes.

Damore said others who speak out against a popular opinion face risk losing their jobs. “In my document, I committed heresy against the Google creed by stating that not all disparities between men and women that we see in the world are the result of discriminatory treatment,” he said.

Damore, who worked as a software engineer at Google’s Mountain View campus since 2013, was fired Monday after his 10-page memo denouncing the company’s diversity efforts went viral. The memo said that the gender gap at tech companies like Google are largely due to biological differences between men and women, not discrimination. On average, men are better suited to engineering and leadership roles, he claims, and women to people-oriented roles.

Lawrence Sumners lost his job as Harvard’s President for a similar violation.

His well-known desire to change Harvard’s culture, which he saw as complacent, was accompanied by slights to some faculty members and missteps like his statement last year that women might lack an intrinsic aptitude for math and science.

Bell Curve author Charles Murry has been violently attacked by the “tolerant left” for simply pointing out the results of existing research, much of it done at Harvard.

The normally peaceful campus of Middlebury College, with its mountain backdrop and elite reputation, was shaken last week after violent student protesters shut down a talk by controversial conservative social scientist Charles Murray and injured a Middlebury professor who was with him.

While those Orwellian examples are frightening enough, Apple just outdid them all. They fired their “Diversity” chief, a black woman. What was her crime? She believes that skin color, sexual orientation, and gender aren’t the only factors that can contribute to diversity. She dared to say that white men can contribute to diversity. Gasp!!!

“There can be 12 white, blue-eyed, blond men in a room and they’re going to be diverse too because they’re going to bring a different life experience and life perspective to the conversation, … Diversity is the human experience … I get a little bit frustrated when diversity or the term diversity is tagged to the people of color, or the women, or the LGBT”

Apple has fallen so far down the rabbit hole that they hired Obama’s EPA head, Lisa Jackson as their vice president of environment, policy, and social initiatives. She can go overseas and attack our sitting President and keep her job.

Apple’s decision to allow a member of its executive leadership team to criticize the president with a foreign outlet is a continuation of a troubling pattern for the U.S. tech giant. CEO Tim Cook regularly spars with Trump in the news and has appeased authoritarian regimes like the one in China in order to broaden Apple’s markets.

Some people read Orwell and Rand as warnings, others read them as instruction manuals. It is clear that the Progressive Left uses Orwell and Rand as instruction manuals. It is easy to reach a “consensus” when you simply eliminate, fire, re-educate, threaten, intimidate and re-assign anyone that disagrees with the consensus. That, however, is the Fascist Method, not the Scientific Method.

“Climate change denial should be a crime,” declared the Sept. 1 headline in the Outline. Mark Hertsgaard argued in a Sept. 7 article in the Nation, titled “Climate Denialism Is Literally Killing Us,” that “murder is murder” and “we should punish it as such.”

The suggestion that those who run afoul of the climate change consensus, in particular government officials, should face charges comes with temperatures flaring over the link between hurricanes and greenhouse gas emissions.

Personally, I’d be interested in hearing these progressives explain the evolutionary theory that would have males and females evolving the same traits. Mother Nature isn’t some PC Social Justice Warrior, she is a survival of the fittest killing machine. If the liberals are correct that males and females differ only by their genitalia, then homo sapiens are unique among all species. Every other species have the male and female possessing wildly different traits, each filling a specific evolutionary need. It makes no sense to have males and females evolve to become “equal,” they are designed by evolution to fill different needs for the perpetuation of the species. Only in the liberal social science departments of our universities are males and females identical.

If the progressives are correct, then the only impact of the 23rd Chromosome and the resulting differential in testosterone, estrogen, and genitalia impact only physical characteristics and have absolutely no impact on the brain. Given the wildly different roles males and females play in the evolutionary process, it is absurd to think that the brain isn’t largely impacted by the 23rd chromosome. Natural selection for good mothers is infinitely different from the natural selection of hunters and gatherers. Not only are the progressives rewriting the physics of climate change, they are rewriting the theory of evolution, and both are equally wrong.

Mother Nature didn’t design women to be programmers, she designed women to be effective multitasking mothers that are highly discriminatory in their selection of a mate. Mother Nature designed men to be strong,  silent and violent hunters and builders with a laser focus that are largely indiscriminate regarding their mates. In other words, men are ideal programmers and engineers. Just look at a herd of buffalo. One strong male will have tens if not hundreds of potential mates surrounding him. Males often battle to the death for the right to mate. Nowhere in the natural world do you find females battling to the death for the right to mate.  With regards to homo sapiens, the males built the homes that protected the females. Nowhere do you find the females building the homes for the males, once again resulting in males being the ideal programmers and builders. The progressives are simply arguing with 200,000 years of non-PC evolution.

Where are the brain MRIs and long-term cross-sectional studies that prove men and women are identical when it comes to mathematical, spatial, linguistic and emotional intelligence? Don’t waste your time, they don’t, nor will they ever exist. Mother Nature simply isn’t a progressive, and she doesn’t give a damn about the social issue Du Jour of the SJWs.

Progressives aren’t any better regarding biology and the cycle of life either. They claim life doesn’t begin at conception, but can’t identify any period in the cycle of life where there is a missing link. Life is and always has been a continuum. Progressive politics doesn’t change the scientific reality.


Post Publishing Edit: Google won’t Disavow Political Violence, but will Fire you for challenging their Diversity Program.

Read More: Exclusive: Google Refuses to Disavow Political Violence

Google has refused to disavow a series of violent statements made by its former employee, Tim Chevalier, while he was still at the company. The search giant also will not say if Chevalier’s comments constituted a breach of their employee code of conduct.

Google Brownshirts is a fitting description.

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