Stupid is as Stupid Does; Harvard Endowment Lost $1 Billion on Green Energy and Related Projects


Looks like the Einsteins at Harvard aren’t as smart as they think they are. At least we can give them credit for putting their money where their mouths are. Nothing can smack the stupid out of you faster than losing $1 billion dollars. Just ask Ted Turner, he gave $1 billion to the UN, and has no idea whatever happened to it. Mark Zuckerberg gave $100 million to the NJ School system, only to learn that pouring money down a rat hole doesn’t return anything other than more hungry rats.

Harvard Blew $1 Billion in Bet on Tomatoes, Sugar, and Eucalyptus

Six years ago, Jane Mendillo, then head of Harvard’s endowment, spent a week in Brazil, flying in a turboprop plane to survey some of the university’s growing holdings of forest and farmland. That year, Harvard began one of its most daring foreign adventures: an investment in a sprawling agricultural development in Brazil’s remote and impoverished northeast. There, workers would produce tomato paste, sugar, and ethanol, as well as energy after processing crops. The profits, in theory, could outstrip those of conventional stocks and bonds and keep the world’s richest university a step ahead of its peers

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Impoverished Puerto Rico Wasted Money on Solar Farm; Now They are Paying the Price


What do you do when a hurricane destroys your solar farm leaving countless people without energy? Do you reconsider the wisdom of building fragile energy systems in a hurricane zone, and maybe build hardened coal or nuclear plants? Nope, progressives never admit defeat for their idiotic ideas. When a progressive finds himself in a hole, he just asks for a bigger shovel.

Clinton Foundation Launches Puerto Rico, Virgin Island Energy Effort

The Clinton Foundation has announced a partnership with the Solar Foundation and other humanitarian groups to help restore electricity in hurricane-battered Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Through the Solar Saves Lives initiative, the group, which includes the two foundations as well as Operation Blessing, Direct Relief, Team Rubicon and J/P HRO, will join an assortment of solar energy companies to organize donations of solar and solar-storage technologies for use in regions affected by recent hurricanes.

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Fracking Ban is Causing San Francisco Earthquakes


The fracking ban is causing earthquakes in San Francisco. One of the favorite sophistry tricks of the alarmists is to identify natural phenomenon and falsely blame it on CO2 or fracking. Josh Fox famously blamed natural biogenic gas on fracking in his schlocumentary Gasland. The truth isn’t the issue to Josh Fox and his misguided alarmist friends, spreading propaganda and deceiving people is. Well, today San Francisco is experiencing a cluster of earthquakes. California also bans Fracking. If I was as deplorable as Josh Fox, I would spread lies like “Fracking Ban Causes Earthquakes,” but I don’t because that would be deceitful, dishonest, childish, irresponsible, dangerous, misguided, etc etc etc etc.

Swarm of 16 earthquakes shakes Danville and Diablo, slows BART trains

A cluster of small earthquakes continued to shake the Danville area into Friday afternoon, measuring as strong as magnitude 3.5, slowing BART trains, but causing no significant damage, authorities said.

As of 1 p.m., the U.S. Geological Survey had reported 16 quakes in the area, with five of them above magnitude 2.5. The 3.5-magnitude temblor happened at 12:19 p.m. Friday near Diablo, a wealthy community northeast of Danville.

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Understand the Oceans, Understand the Global Temperatures

Water Vapor

Here at CO2isLife we have consistently maintained that to understand the climate you have to understand the oceans. The oceans, not CO2, is are the major drivers of global climate and temperatures. The oceans contain 2,000x more energy than the atmosphere, and CO2’s only defined mechanism by which to affect climate change is by thermalizing LWIR between 13 and 18µ. Those wavelengths don’t warm the oceans, and therefore CO2 can’t be the major contributor to climate change. It literally is that simple.

Here at CO2isLife we have also stated that we aren’t climate scientists, we are simply scientists that interpret what the data is telling us. Because we are not expert climate scientists we should not have a better ability to model the climate of forecast future outcomes. That is the definition used to differentiate between experts and amateurs.

Well, as documented in countless posts here on CO2isLife, the positions are taken and detailed on this blog are being validated by new research. In other words, CO2isLife reached the correct conclusion BEFORE the experts using simple common sense and the appropriate application of the scientific method. Sure enough, anyone with an ounce of common sense that reviewed the data and physics behind CO2 and climate change would look to the oceans. Once you look at the oceans you quickly rule out CO2 as a likely cause and are drawn to the sun and its impact on the oceans. You simply have to warm the oceans to warm the globe, and LWIR between 13 and 18µ won’t warm the oceans. Vast amounts of incoming visible radiation are needed to warm the oceans, and that is impacted by solar cycles and cloud cover, not CO2.

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That simple and common sense model is being validated by recent research:

“The absence of the above periodic oscillations in CO2 fails to suggest its role on observed inter-hemispheric SST difference. The cross-plot analysis also revealed strong influence of solar activity on linear trend of NH- and SH-SST [Northern/Southern Hemisphere Sea Surface Temperature] in addition to small contribution from CO2. Our study concludes that (1) the long-term trends in northern and southern hemispheric SST variability show considerable synchronicity with cyclic warming and cooling phases and (2) the difference in cyclic forcing and non-linear modulations stemming from solar variability as a possible source of hemispheric SST differences. … The trend components of NH-SST and SH-SST show strong relationship with TSI [Total Solar Irradiance] trend variations and poor in relation with global CO2 trend.”

And another research report:

“Based on a complex analysis of hydrometeorological data, it has been shown that changes in the temperature of the troposphere and the World Ocean reflect a response both to individual helio-geophysical perturbations and to long-term changes (1854–2015) of solar and geomagnetic activity…For the last 1000 years, the world climate experienced changes that quite closely corresponded to variations in SA [solar activity]: in the 11th–13th centuries, when SA was high, there was a warm period (the “medieval climatic optimum”), and two distinct temperature drops in the small ice age (16th–17th centuries) correspond to the Maunder and Spörer minima.
“A general rise in the level of SA [solar activity] occurred after the completion of the Maunder minimum [1700s], and the world climate became warmer during most of this period… a significant positive trend in the level of geomagnetic activity that was maximal over the entire considered time interval (1868–2015) and coincided with enhanced meridional heat transfer in the North Atlantic.”

In reality, if climate science was a real science staffed by experts, the positions detailed on the CO2isLife blog would be discredited by new research, but that isn’t happening. New research is being published every day that seem to provide evidence that the experts are gravitating towards the positions taken on CO2isLife, not vise verse.

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Why Conservatives Cling to Their Guns

“Anyone that Trusts the Government Obviously Failed History…The Native Americans Surrendered Their Guns, Where Did it Get Them?”  Sen John Kennedy LA

Watching the heartbreaking “Listening Session” President Trump is having in Florida to address the school shooting, it occurred to me that most people probably can’t understand why Conservatives are so protective of their 2nd Amendment Rights. On the surface, it seems so illogical…until you study history. These school shooting are truly tragic, but they pale in comparison to what happens when Totalitarian Leftists take power and rule over an unarmed population. Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Pol Pot, Castro, Lenin and countless other totalitarians have filled countless mass graves with people unable to defend themselves.


The introductory video details a conversation of an FBI informant regarding the Weather Underground founded by Bill Ayers, the man whose home President Obama used to kick off his presidential campaign, and many believe ghost-wrote one of President Obama’s books. In the video, it highlights why Conservatives fear the Government so much. Once the Leftist seize power, they will either “re-educate” or exterminate anyone that disagrees with them. As I’ve said countless times, “to most, Rand, Orwell, Huxley and Vonnegut offered a warning, to others they offer an instruction manual.” Progressives don’t fear the Dystopias of those books, they are the people that create them.

It is the unfortunate history of Left-wing Totalitarian Governments that makes it necessary to have an armed citizenry. The cost of school shootings is horrific, but it is nothing compared to the institutionalized, industrialized, mechanized, systematized mass-murder that occurs once the totalitarians take power.


More on this subject:

Did Hitler Say “To Conquer a Nation, First Disarm its Citizens”?

Far Left Antifa Activists Openly Chant to Murder Conservatives (VIDEO)

SHOCKING: South African Parliament Votes To Seize Land Owned By All White Farmers

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This is Odd; Things That Make You Go Hmmmmm


This is truly odd. Someone as well connected and informed on tech issues as Kim Dotcom contacts the FBI that he has evidence regarding the DNC hack, and the FBI doesn’t contact him? Why? Why is this relevant to CAGW? Because if the Progressives can corrupt the IRS, Justice Department, EPA, Democrat Primaries/Debates, and the FBI, they are certainly morally bankrupt enough to corrupt slimate clience and manufacture a lie big enough to make Joseph Goebbels look like an amateur.

My bet is Kim Dotcom will have his day in court and it won’t favorable to Mueller’s investigation, the DNC or the Obama administration. Hopefully, it will shed some light on the Seth Rich murder, and further expose just how corrupt the Swamp truly is. In my opinion, CAWG is just the tip of the corruption iceberg and the more warming visible light we shine on it, the better off we all will be. Sunlight doesn’t only warm, it disinfects as well. Afterall, Democrats have a history of hacking and interfering in political campaigns.

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The “Faith-Based” Science; CAGW


Followers of the “Faith-Based” Science of Global Warming are worshiping at the altar of a Pagan idol and being deceived by a false prophet. Just recently the now discredited American Association of for the Advancement of Science awarded the Temple of CAGW’s High-Pharisee Michael Mann a distinguished award. The award is blasphemy and an affront to all believers in the only true God of Science. The God they call Data.

To expose the blasphemous deceit one only needs a 2nd-grade education in science. The followers of CAGW are so blinded by their faith, they don’t even see the most obvious of deceptions. Ironically, those who mock Christians, Muslims and Jews using the geological record to disprove the Biblical Stories of creation and the flood, are blind to what it tells them about CO2.

  1. God would never be stupid enough to create a “Dooms-Day” Bomb for his creation. To prevent CAGW from ever happening God made the absorption of LWIR by CO2 a logarithmic function.  CO2 helps global temperatures maintain a minimum temperature, but doesn’t do much for warming. The logarithmic relationship acts as an On switch at low levels of CO2, and an off switch at higher levels of CO2. That fact is demonstrated by the 600 million years geological record which shows that CO2 has been as high as 7,000 ppm, and CAGW never occurred. Because of the rapid logarithmic decay, there isn’t enough CO2 in or on the earth to cause CAGW.
  2. The False Idol that High-Pharisee Michael Mann molded out of lies is the “Hockey-Stick Temperature Reconstruction.” Between 900 AD and 1900 AD, a full 1,000 years, according to the Hockey-Stick, temperatures gradually DECLINED a total of -0.2°C, within a tight range of 0.4°C from peak to trough. Then miraculously, when High-Pharisee Michael Mann added actual thermometer data in 1900, the global temperatures were resurrected from the dead. Completely inexplicable when put in relationship to CO2, temperatures took a sharp dog-leg and immediately reversed a 1,000-year down-trend. Nothing is the trend of CO2 changed in 1902, only the components of the temperature reconstruction were altered.
  3. CO2 has followed a near geometric pattern gradually increasing since 1750, and becoming near linear once direct measurements were used post 1959. According to the Hockey-Stick, however, temperatures fell between 1750 to 1902, even though CO2 increased from 277 ppm to 297 ppm. Then, like Lazarus, Temperatures came to life, and reversed the downtrend in 1900, and then formed another dog-leg in 1980 when all proxy data was removed. The sharp changes in temperatures are 100% correlated with changes in the data construction, and 0.00% correlated with changes in the rate of change in CO2. Cut from whole cloth, the Hockey-Stick shows warming completely unrelated to changes in CO2. The changes in CO2 are gradual, not sharp, and certainly not related to events in 1902 and 1980. The only events significant to temperatures were the alterations of the Hockey-Stick construction that occurred in 1902 and 1980.
  4. According to the Hockey-stick, the temperature increased 1.1°C between 1902 and 1998, a variation not seen in the previous 1,000 years. During that time CO2 increased from 297 to 365 ppm in near linear fashion. The problem with that, it that no long-term temperature record shows those kinds of increases. The longest continuous temperature record, the Central England Temperature Record, shows no material changes since the mid-1600s. Temperatures between 1902 and 1998 showed minimal change, and certainly no Hockey-stick.
  5. During the past 1,000 years, many factors have changed that could alter ground measurements that are completely unrelated to CO2. High Pharisee Michael Mann did nothing to control for those factors. A real scientist would have selected temperature measurements from areas that control for all factors other than CO2 in an effort to isolate the impact of CO2 on temperature. By far, that location is Antarctica. Antarctica has a near uniform albedo due to its homogenous even coating of snow. There is no Urban Heat Island Effect corrupting the temperatures in Antarctica. CO2 traps LWIR between 13 and 18&;micro;, which is consistent with the blackbody temperature between -50 and -110°C, with a peak of -80°C. Antarctica temperatures fall near that range and never get about freezing. Had High-Pharisee Michael Mann attempted to isolate the impact of CO2 on Temperature by using controlled data sets like Antarctica, he would never have created the Hockey-stick. Only when you set out to construct a deceptive temperature data set that shows warming tied to CO2 would you create the Hockey-stick.
  6. A hallmark of great science is reproducibility. The Hockey-stick is completely un-reproducible if unbiased and impartial scientists attempt to create a temperature reconstruction. No real scientist would ever use the faulty proxies and manipulate the dataset using instrumental data to get the desired result. More importantly, techniques like “Mike’s Nature Trick…to Hide the Decline” are completely researcher specific and impossible to independently reproduce. An open-source temperature construction would be the best and most transparent way to expose this Hockey-stick fraud.

The greatest threat facing the earth isn’t CAGW, it is the politicization of science and the abandonment of the Bible of the Scientific Method. Worshiping to the false idol of CAGW Faith-Based Science will sure to incite the wrath of the only real God of science, the inconvenient truth that the chances of CAGW are 0.00%, whereas the certainty of another ice age is 100%…and preparing for CAGW will leave us 100% unprepared.

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