Conservative vs Progressive; Who is More Accurate at Understanding a Chart


Belief in Man-Made Climate Change splits down Political Party Line. As a Progressive to read the above two charts and they will see a close relationship between CO2 and temperature, and see no relationship at all between the sun and temperatures. The progressive also believes that the solar output is stable. Ask a Conservative to read the above two charts and they will claim that there is no real relationship between CO2 and Temperature and that there is a very tight relationship between temperatures and solar irradiance. They will also point out that visible radiation warms the oceans, not LWIR between 13 and 18µ, and that the Arctic is melting from below, not above, where air temperatures are usually sub-zero.

A conservative will also point out that if you replace CO2 with solar irradiance it is highly likely the IPCC models will do a far better job modeling the climate.


People simply who do they believe? Progressives or their lying eyes?

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Marxist Michael Moore Promotes Grand Nanny State…and then Protests Government’s Failures


Michael Moore has never met a Capitalist he doesn’t hate (except himself) or a Government Program he doesn’t love. He famously visited Cuba to highlight their superior “FREE” healthcare system. So we found it ironic that Marxist Totalitarian State Comrade Michael Moore is now protesting the failure of Flint Michigan to provide clean water to its residents. Let me remind you, providing clean water is a 3rd World Problem, and Flint Michigan is about as Blue a Blue Area on the Map. Marxist Michael Moore has had a front-row seat to the Socialist destruction of Flint and Detroit, the one-time Capitalist Economic Epicenter of the World, and yet he still clamors for more Government.

Comrade Moore and his Progressive Marxist Followers literally want the same group of people that run the Post Office and can’t deliver fresh water to Flint Citizens to also control your Healthcare and just about every other aspect of our lives. Cuba and Detroit are literally their case studies of success. This kind of blind stupidity cannot be overstated. It is literally the pinnacle of stupidity against which all other acts of stupidity are measured.

Free Market Capitalism made Detroit and Michigan the envy of the World, and Socialism turned it into a Ghetto that can’t even provide its residents clean water. Ironically, Cuba doesn’t provide its residents clean water either, so Conrad Moore should be pleased with the results in Flint. You simply can’t get more dangerous stupid than Conrad Moore and the self-destructive progressive policies he promotes.
Warning: This Video Is Painful to Watch. The Heartbreaking Stupidity it exposes represents the ruin of countless innocent lives that trusted the lies of progressive politicians.

P.S. I personally ran into Comrade Moore. He travels with very large and very well armed bodyguards. The level of hypocrisy displayed by Comrade Moore can also not be overstated.

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The Illusion of Green Jobs Vanishes with Loss of Subsidies

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No one…other than the consumer and taxpayer…will pay a price for such wasteful folly. People actually got elected with the specific intent of wasting taxpayer money and pushing these nonsensical agendas. Basically, Left-wing politicians wasted taxpayers’ money buying votes from their gullible base that actually believes the lies on which the Green Economy is founded. Now many of those voters are on the unemployment line voting for those same left-wing politicians to increase and extend their unemployment benefits.

The number of jobs in the solar industry peaked at some 110,900 in 2011, before crashing spectacularly thereafter. In 2015 there were only 31,600 jobs – a roughly 70% plunge. This naturally was a bitter disappointment for the roughly 80,000 people who lost their jobs, but once had been promised a bright, green future by politicians who had touted a grand master plan.

Moreover, almost every single major German producer of solar systems has gone insolvent.

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Government Debt and Waste is Causing Global Warming…not CO2


As one can see, US Government Debt increased between 1913 and peaked in the mid-1940s. The debt then fell between the mid-1940s and 1980. After 1980 the debt began to increase again, peaking about 1997, before a pause of about 10 years. The Debt then began to increase again about 2007 and continues higher to this day. Like CO2, the Debt is hitting records never seen before in history.

Compare the above chart to global temperatures, and there are striking similarities.


Like US Debt, temperatures increased sharply between 1913 and peaked in the mid-1940s. Temperatures then fell between the mid-1940s and 1980. Temperatures then increased between 1980 and peaked in 1997, before going into a pause period. Temperatures then started to increase in about 2007 and continue higher to this day.

US Debt and Global Temperatures are highly correlated, but CO2 and Global Temperatures are not. Compare the above global temperature chart to the CO2 Graph. Here is basically no relationship what so ever. One is very non-linear, one if very linear, they simply don’t correlate at all, and that is a computer speaking, not me.


I’m willing to bet that if the data for the US Debt was plugged into the IPCC Models instead of CO2 their results would be improved dramatically.


In reality, anyone reading this analysis should be able to see that it is the greatest pile of horse manure every published. It is pure unadulterated junk science trying to manufacture a phony argument to promote a Conservative Fiscal Agenda. If I were to promote this concept to my Conservative Friends they would eat it up like red meat thrown to a pit bull. Fortunately, Conservatives aren’t willing to undermine the entire scientific process and credibility of scientists to push their political agenda. Unfortunately, Progressives don’t have such ethical standards.

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Climate “Science” on Trial; The Forensic Files: Exhibit A

Exhibit A: Al Gore’s Ice Core CO2 Temperature Chart


Ironically, some of the most damning evidence again the AGW or Anthropogenic Global Warming Theory comes from Al Gore himself.

Talking Points:

  1. Climate change is the norm. Never in the 800,000-year ice core record is climate not changing.
  2. Four Temperature Peaks in the last 400,000 years were all above today’s temperatures and occurred at lower CO2 levels.
  3. Every glaciation began when CO2 was at or near peak levels, in other words, high CO2 levels were not enough to prevent a glaciation.
  4. The current record high level of 400 parts per million(ppm) CO2, a full 33% above any previous level on the chart, has failed to carry temperatures to a record high.
  5. For any cause and effect relationship, the cause MUST lead the effect. CO2 does not lead Temperature, it follows it by 800 to 1,500 years. This video does an exhaustive review of the research. The AGW Theory is similar to claiming that lung cancer causes smoking. (Must Watch Video Clip)
  6. There is no mechanism defined that explains how or why CO2 would lead temperatures to pull the globe out of an ice age.
  7. There is no mechanism defined to explain how or why high levels of CO2 would trigger an ice age.
  8. The only defined mechanism by which CO2 can cause climate change is by trapping outgoing long-wave infrared (LWIR) radiation between the wavelengths of 13 and 18 microns. CO2 can only result in warming, there is no mechanism by which it can result in cooling. CO2 can only trap outgoing radiation, that is it.
  9. In the documentary “An Inconvenient Truth” Al Gore discusses how his classmate challenged the “consensus” of the continents never having been joined. The teacher mocked Al’s friend for challenging the “consensus.” The arrogant and close-minded teacher spouting the “consensus” view was wrong. Today, Al Gore and his fellow climate alarmists are acting like the closed-minded and very wrong Teacher. Albert Einstein, Christopher Columbus, Michelangelo, and Galileo aren’t remembered for agreeing with the “consensus,” they are remembered for shattering the “consensus.”
  10. Because the data collected are “proxies” they represent smoothed averages, so the actual true peak temperature or CO2 levels aren’t actually known. Every data point in the Ice Core data represents a time span that can exceed 1,000 years or more. In data lingo, we would say that this data isn’t very “granular,” and doesn’t provide a lot of specific details. It is extremely possible, in fact highly likely that the actual peak temperatures exceeded the level represented in the chart.
  11. The error bars are not included on the chart so it is impossible to true understanding of just how accurate/reliable those numbers are.
  12. Along with this chart, Al Gore presented many more questionable findings in his documentary “An Inconvenient Truth.”
  13. No other climate variables are presented on the chart. There may be far more explanatory variables that are excluded, such as the amount of radiation reaching the earth’s surface, cloud cover, cosmic rays, average humidity, particulate matter in the atmosphere, orbit of the earth, tilt of the earth, “wobble” around the axis of the earth, location of the earth is the galactic orbit, etc etc. In other words, Al Gore and the climate alarmists only provide you with enough evidence to reach the conclusion they want you to reach. For instance, I could show you a chart of the government debt and global temperatures and they both fit together pretty well. As the debt increased, so did temperatures, but that chart is pretty meaningless, and represents nothing more than a coincidence. In other words, correlation does not prove causation.
  14. The honesty and integrity of Al Gore and his “friend Lonnie Thompson” are questionable.
  15. Climate has been extremely variable for the past 800,000, and none of the volatility was due to anthropocentric CO2 prior to 150 years ago. Natural causes clearly dominate the variation in climate, most of which are poorly understood.
  16. The data in the chart combines proxy ice core data for the historical record, and instrumental data for near-term up to the current. Those data sets appear to have different volatility characteristics, and is most likely due to the instrumental data being more “granular.” The problem is that this data set isn’t consistent, and is some ways is a combination of apples and oranges. The temperature from the ice core is taken from one location, whereas thermometer data is taken around the globe.
  17. Here is another chart that shows more information than Al Gore’s. From this chart one can see the problems with ice core data. The farther back in time one goes, the dust data seems to dilute, unless for some reason dust concentrations were different during past ice ages. We are also near a record low, which would imply that more visible/warming radiation is reaching the earth. From this chart, it is more logical to conclude that less particulate matter is what is causing the warming than CO2. Maybe that is why Al Gore fails to present the data.


18. This chart demonstrates the variability of the Holocene in greater detail.


19. This chart highlights how dust, particulate matter, and solar output are extremely important to global temperatures.


How Screwed-Up is That? Extremely

Progressive Politics and Priorities at their Best. BTW, talk about Karma. The fired Starbucks employee is a card-carrying ultra-bleeding heart SJW. Progressives are like the Frankenstein Monster, they eventually turn on their masters. How can people trust the people behind the CAGW hoax when they take such outrageous positions. Progressives get all excited about arresting loiterers, but completely ignore the failed inner cities schools and the black on black murder rate in Chicago.

However, according to an email Ben Shapiro of the Daily Wire received from a listener who frequents the Philadelphia Starbucks in question, it turns out the SJW cannibalizing one of their own: this manager was an “SJW feminist of the highest order.” Go figure!

He goes on to explain that this manager “is not racist and doesn’t deserve what is happening to her here in Philly.” He adds that the patrons of this particular Starbucks locations are “both black and white, and I’ve personally seen Holly give the oh-so-coveted restroom code to both black and white people, patrons and non-patrons. I’ve seen her train both black and white staff members and she has been nothing but nice to everyone, and I’ve never witnessed any racist behavior.”

If the Liberal Media can’t get a simple story like this correct, how can we expect them to report fairly and accurately about CAGW? We can’t. The MSM doesn’t care about publishing the truth, they care about manufacturing and promoting a narrative favorable to their political agenda. Sad but true. We don’t have Journalists working in our newsrooms, we have Communist Screenwriters more suited for Hollywood or Pravda.

Fortunately, we have Kanye West to turn to for hope. (Click Here)

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Welcome to 1930’s Germany; Overt Bigotry is Pushed by the Progressive Left and Wholeheartedly Embraced by Them


Chick-fil-A’s Creepy Infiltration of New York City

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News Flash Progressives!!! The Quotes You Find Most Objectionable are found in the Old Testament/The Torah and The Quran, not the Christian New Testament. Not only are Progressives misguided, they are ignorant on a Biblical Scale.

If progressives want to really see hate, all they need to do is talk to their buddies over in the Rap Studio. Rappers get a Pass, Christians, not so much. Truly pathetic. Progressives aren’t against Hate as long as you Hate the right people.

Misogyny in rap music

Homophobia in hip hop culture

Intolerance can’t be contained. Targeting Christians will only lead to targeting other groups.

NYPD On The Hunt After Orthodox Jewish Man Attacked In Brooklyn

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