This is The Orwellian Environment That Gave Us CAGW; Identity Politics and Consensus Don’t Belong in Science


To most people, Orwell, Rand, Vonnegut, Golding, and Huxley offered a warning – to Progressives, however, they offered an instruction manual. We are witnessing the Dystopia develop right before our eyes, and the ones responsible couldn’t be more obvious.

And, sure enough, the whole concept of an individual who exists apart from group identity is slipping from the discourse. The idea of individual merit — as opposed to various forms of unearned “privilege” — is increasingly suspect. The Enlightenment principles that formed the bedrock of the American experiment — untrammeled free speech, due process, individual (rather than group) rights — are now routinely understood as mere masks for “white male” power, code words for the oppression of women and nonwhites. Any differences in outcome for various groups must always be a function of “hate,” rather than a function of nature or choice or freedom or individual agency. And anyone who questions these assertions is obviously a white supremacist himself.

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Isolating the Contribution of CO2 on Atmospheric Temperature

Water Vapor

In any serious scientific experiment, efforts are made to “control” for as many exogenous factors as possible. The whole purpose is to isolate the impact of the independent variable on the dependent variable. ΔWeightloss = ΔCaloric Intake + ΔExercise + ΔBase Metabolism + error. To minimize the error of the model (maximize explanatory power), variables outside the model (exogenous factors), are controlled for to make the relationships as close to apples to apples as possible. Factors that impact the dependent variable but aren’t in the model can result in erroneous results and conclusions, for instance, if the person is taking diet drugs during the experiment without reporting them.

Applying this concept to climate change, the ideal model would be ΔTemperature = ΔCO2 + error. The problem is, it isn’t that simple. H2O is a far more potent GHG than CO2, and has a far greater impact on temperature as demonstrated in a previous post. The Urban Heat Island Effect also impacts temperatures. A more robust model would be ΔTemperature = ΔCO2 + ΔH20 + ΔUrban Heat Island Effect + error. For a real scientist to model CO2’s impact on temperature, they would need to create an experiment or model that controls for all factors other than CO2.

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Controlling for The Urban Heat Island Effect:

To control for the Urban Heat Island Effect, the easiest way is to simply look at the areas where there are no urban areas. There are no cities in the oceans. If you look at just the temperatures over the oceans, they show 0.1°C less warming than over land since 1979. CO2 is 400ppm over the oceans and 400ppm over land so CO2 cannot be the cause of that differential.  The vast majority of the earth’s land mass and cities are in the Northern Hemisphere, so the Southern Hemisphere offers another way to control for the Urban Heat Island Effect. Since 1979, Southern Hemisphere Temperatures increased 0.2°C less than the Northern Hemisphere. CO2 is 400ppm over the Northern Hemisphere and 400ppm over the Southern Hemisphere so CO2 cannot be the cause of that differential

Controlling for Water Vapor:

The introductory graphic demonstrates how atmospheric temperature and water vapor are extremely highly correlated. Where there is water vapor, there is warmth, where there isn’t, there isn’t. CO2 blankets the globe with 400ppm so it can’t be responsible for the extreme variations of temperatures, and it certainly can’t explain the high correlation with water vapor.

This effect is so powerful, that it can be observed in local climates. Rainforests have moderate temperatures and a small differential between day and night temperatures. You can comfortably sleep naked in a rainforest. Deserts, on the other hand, have extreme temperature variations between day an night. Temperatures in Death Valley can reach over 100°F in the day, and fall to near freezing at night. If you sleep naked in a desert, you will most likely regret it.

This effect can also be seen in mountainous areas, where the moist windward air is warmer than the dry leeward air on the other side of the mountain. One can see that effect on the Hawaiian Island of Oahu where the temperatures as of this writing are 78°F on the moist windward side, and 71°F on the dry leeward side. CO2 is 400ppm on both sides of the mountain, and the distance between the two spots is about 25 miles. Once again, CO2 can’t explain a temperature differential because it is a constant 400ppm.

Controlling for the Heat Island Effect and Water Vapor:

MSU RSS ArcticAndAntarctic MonthlyTempSince1979 With37monthRunningAverage

Antarctica is by far the best natural control for measuring the impact of CO2 on atmospheric temperature. There are no cities, no roads, no buildings, no lakes and the air is extremely dry and cold. Antarctica is a large area of almost uniform “albedo” or reflectivity, naturally controlling for any distortion caused by the terrain. The major greenhouse gas over Antarctica is CO2, and its temperature is close to the -80°C which is close to the temperature absorbed by CO2 in the 13 & 18µ band of LWIR. Antarctica is like a giant petri dish for climate research.

What do you get when you control for water vapor and the Urban Heat Island Effect? Temperatures have actually FALLEN since 1979 in Antarctica. In fact, temperatures are actually flat over the past 50 years. CO2 has increased from 310 ppm in 1955 to 400 ppm today, and its impact on temperatures in Antarctica is immeasurable. When the impact of CO2 is isolated, and all other significant factors are controlled for, CO2 has no measurable impact on atmospheric temperatures. Antarctica temperature data proves it beyond any reasonable doubt.

People are often making hysterical claims about the polar sea ice disappearing. CO2 is 400ppm over the North Pole, and 400ppm over the South Pole, yet only the North Pole shows warming. CO2 can’t be the cause of the warming, and the warming is due to oceans, not CO2. The 13 & 18µ band of LWIR that CO2 absorbs doesn’t penetrate or warm water.

Other Factors to control for:


Calibration and consistency of measurement equipment and methods are essential for any real science, and it is completely lacking in the field of ground measurement temperatures. What “calibration” is done, is done through universal “adjustments” done in a computer program and the equipment varies from one station to another. The countless network of temperature units was never designed to be used as a global climate database. They were used to report on local temperatures. Satellite measurements are infinitely better and measured scientifically than the ground measurements.

That being said, there are a few data stations that have remained in the same spot and measured the same way for extended periods. Central England is the most famous data set going back to 1650. Summer temperatures in Central England show no increase since 1650, annual numbers show no warming since 1720 and Winter temperatures show minimal warming since 1720, but because of the large variability of temperatures, all periods are most likely statistically identical.

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The Progressive Utopia at Night

Korea_Night_160321_TWIG_EnlargeListen to the Progressive Media and you would think North Korea and Cuba should be the #1 Vacation spots on the face of the earth. Because President Trump has taken the position that North Korea is the enemy, the Pavlovian Progressive Media has to play the role of the reactionary counter-culture and put a sympathetic spin on North Korea. To the Progressive Media, President Trump and White Christian Males are a greater threat to America than North Korea and Communism. Ironically, if these media elites were in North Korea and wrote articles about Kim Jung Un similar to what they freely write about President Trump, Kim Jung Un would literally feed them to the dogs…after shooting them with an anti-aircraft 50 caliber machinegun. Worst yet, they may be forced to serve in the military and be fed food full of pericytes and worms.

If the Progressive Media can put a favorable face on North Korea, they can certainly lie to the American public about CAGW. Anything that forwards their progressive communist agenda.

White House Official: US Media ‘Complicit’ in North Korea’s ‘Charm Offensive’

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Filed Under “You Can’t Make This Stuff Up”; Selective Moral Outrage

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By far the greatest strength the Progressives have is a sympathetic media. President Trump could walk on water, and the press would report “Trump Can’t Swim.” A sympathetic press is necessary to perpetuate the myth of CAGW. Skeptical blogs like this one have no trouble finding problems with the “science” behind the CAGW hoax, but we are simply ignored and censored by the media. Only reports that promote the corrupted “consensus” are published.

To demonstrate just how corrupted this press has become, during a time when #MeToo is dominating the news, and two White House aides and General Kelly are coming under attack for domestic abuse and the failure to appropriately address it. The Progressive Snowflake World they have created is so hypersensitive that the Cartoon Movie Peter Rabbit is coming under fire for “Bullying.” It appears that nothing, not even a cartoon, is safe from the Progressive Hypersensitivity…until you look a little deeper.

#MeToo has almost completely ignored the Rap Music Industry, and the Gay Community and NOW never mention the 800lb Gorilla in the living room, the Muslim treatment of women and gays. Worst yet, the media gives glowing reviews of the tyrannical totalitarian murderous communist North Korea, a country trying to develop a nuclear missile that can hit San Francisco, while attacking VP Pence and President Trump. It appears the Progressive Media fears Conservative Christian White Men more than they do Communist North Korea and the radical Muslims chopping the heads off Americans.

With that background, one story you are certainly not to hear on the mainstream media is the background of the “social justice artist” that painted President Obama’s National Portrait. He has a history of painting Black Women cutting off the heads of White Women. The interpretation is that Black Women are archangels and White Women are the Devil. You can’t make that stuff up, but I assure you, you won’t hear a peep out of #MeToo, Now, or any Progressive Group. It simply doesn’t forward their political agenda. The agenda is to destroy President Trump, not forward an agenda beneficial to Women.

If the media didn’t try so hard to destroy their credibility by demonstrating such an outrageous bias and being defined by selective moral outrage, I might actually think that there may be something behind CAGW. Guilty and deceitful people behave in a certain fashion and have so since the beginning of time. “The Wicked Flee when no one pursueth,” and “The lady doth protest too much, methinks” are just two classic quotes making the point. The obscene selective moral outrage is a telltale sign that the people telling you to trust them are simply not be trusted. They are playing you as a fool, counting on you not looking behind the curtain for the truth. As long as people take the mainstream media at their word, CAGW will still have a life. Once people become critical and actually look into the claims, CAGW will collapse like a house of cards.

More on this issue of Selective Moral Outage:

White House Official: US Media ‘Complicit’ in North Korea’s ‘Charm Offensive’
A Racist Con-Man: Obama’s Portrait Artist, Who Hires Cheap Chinese Labor To Paint “His” Work, Says “Kill Whitey” Is A Major Theme
Alinskyite Obama’s Final Eff-You to America – His Trendy Leafage Portrait

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Harvard, Berkeley among top 10 worst schools for free speech: Report

Liberal Freak Professor

To most people, Orwell, Rand, Vonnegut, Golding, and Huxley offered a warning, to Progressives they offered an instruction manual. We are witnessing the Dystopia develop right before our eyes, and the ones responsible can’t be more obvious.

The common denominator of almost all assaults on Conservative’s 1st Amendment and scientific freedom’s? They are almost all Ultra-Liberal Universities and Corporations. These are the same institutions that are promoting CAGW. Good science and fascism don’t mix, free societies and fascism don’t mix, individual freedom and fascism don’t mix. America will rue the day we have allowed these groups to educate our children. Progressives use our children like Napoleon used the puppies in Animal Farm.


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There are no “Safe Spaces” in Science, and the Truth Doesn’t Care About Your Feelings


Something Progressives don’t seem to understand or willing to accept is that science isn’t politically correct. In science there are no safe spaces, isn’t “fair,” doesn’t have feelings and certainly doesn’t give a damn about the feelings of snowflakes. Violating the scientific method and denying the facts and results of experiments won’t change the reality of the situation. Science is the unbiased thirst for knowledge. Science isn’t a Democrat or Republican, Liberal or Conservative, science is an unbiased process that is highly useful in providing answers and solutions to many of today’s greatest problems.

Unfortunately, science isn’t a friend of the Progressive agenda. Socialism didn’t save oil and natural resource-rich  Venezuela, Cuba or Russia. Only the “adjusted” ground temperature measurements support their hysterical CAGW claims, welfare didn’t end poverty, Obama sized Government Debt/Spending, zero interest rates, and crippling regulations didn’t restore economic growth, and government-run Inner-City schools aren’t the answer to improving the lives of impoverished blacks. Wind and solar are complete jokes as far as alternative energy sources, and the only reason average people bought electric cars is because the government paid them to do so.

With such as a catastrophic and extensive record of complete and utter failure, the Progressives’ only political strategy is to prevent people from looking behind the curtain and attack those who do. Slimate Clience isn’t the only field of science corrupted by the progressive political agenda, almost every field in  Social “Science” has.  A recent high school science fair project and the hysterical response by the progressives demonstrates just how pervasive this cancer truly is. An Asian student at a wealthy elite presumably mostly white magnet school dared to ask the forbidden question “are their differences between the races.” Gasp!!! The horror of it!!!! Someone dared to ask a normal question highly worthy of scientific exploration.

The fact that there are extreme differences between the sexes, races, and even between the respective sub-groups is well known in the medical field. Every medical history starts with Age, Sex, Race, and even sexual orientation. Is that because the doctor sitting across from you is a racist, sexist homophobe? Nope, it is because medical diseases occur at differing prevalences based on those factors. Men don’t get ovarian cancer, White people don’t get cycle-cell anemia, Women don’t get prostate cancer,  Blacks rarely get melanoma, Christians don’t get Tay-Sachs disease. The medical books are full of diseases that have wide differentials between the various groups of people. The infinite diversity of humanity demands infinite differences.

The Progressive’s anti-science politically correct position that all human beings are equal and that the only differences are due to nurture and not nature demonstrates an absolute ignorance of evolution, biology, physiology, genetics, geography, and sociology. The first Hominin appeared about 3 million years ago, somewhere in the African grasslands. 200,000 years ago the first Homo sapiens appear in the geological record. Then about 70,000 years ago, Humans began to migrate out of Africa. Over that 70,000 years, humans evolved into countless different races shaped by their environment.

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For the Progressives to be correct, the only changes 70,000 years of evolution has had on the human species are exclusively physical and none impacted the brain. The missing branch/chromatid of chromosome 23, the branch/chromatid that determines sex, exclusively impacts physical traits, and no genes on that branch/chromatid impact the brain. This position is absurd on its face, yet it is the basis for almost all of the Progressive political philosophy. Remember, the missing branch/chromatid determines sexual behavior and drive, both of which are mental, not physical, so we know there are some changes to the brain.

Anyone that has ever raised a child, and observed them on a pre-school playground knows that there are infinite mental and behavioral differences inherent in the sexes. Girls are far more social and develop verbal skills way before the boys. Rarely do you see little girls get into fist fights, wrestle or take pride in passing gas in their friend’s face. Girls tend to group together, cooperate, talk a whole lot, and watch in complete confusion as to why boys do what they do. Boys can’t figure out the girls either, and can’t understand why the girls don’t think jumping off a roof and flying like Superman isn’t the coolest thing in the world. The girls’ apparent enjoyment of endlessly talking and complete disinterest in physical altercations and playing soldier is completely foreign to the little boys.  Later on in life, the boys will never understand why the girls don’t want to take advantage of every opportunity to have sex. That is a mystery they will never understand.

Researchers have long agreed girls have superior language abilities to boys, but haven’t clearly provided a biological basis to account for their differences. For the first time and in unambiguous findings, researchers show both that brain areas associated with language work harder in girls during language tasks, and that boys and girls rely on very different parts of the brain when performing these tasks. Language processing is more abstract in girls, more sensory in boys.

There is absolutely no reason that 70,000 years the evolutionary forces would only impact physical characteristics. Small group tribal Bushmen in Africa are naturally selected for their ability to hunt and gather is a grassland environment, women are selected for their ability to raise their children to sexual maturity. Both sexes rely on completely different physical and mental abilities to perpetuate the species. Chatterbox hunters attract predators and get eaten, mothers that aren’t continually communicating with their children have fewer offspring reaching the critical sexual maturity. Evolution had no need for men that behaved like women, and women that behaved like men. That is why men and women were created, they each serve a totally different evolutionary function. Only when Progressives begin to judge and apply relative values to these functions does this become a problem. According to Progressives, Mother Nature is wrong, and they are right.

Evolution has resulted in some extreme intra-race differences. Northerners are so far removed from their African ancestors that their skin has lost much of its ability to produce protective melanin in order to better produce vitamin-D.  Northerners, however, faced wildly different evolutionary forces. Germans in the dense forests of Europe were selected for their ability to build homes and cities out of the unforgiving wilderness, challenges never faced by the Bushmen of Africa. Engineering and industriousness were heavily rewarded. Women were attracted to the builders, not the hunters because their home and survival depended upon it. The societies of ancient Mesopotamia and the Mediterranean were urban, and natural selection focused more on farming, trading, and politics. Traits required to succeed in a highly structured society are extremely different from those of the Bushmen. Trying to catch the attention of an ancient wealthy Greek woman with a dead goat wouldn’t succeed, but offer her a gold coin, neckless or ring and you get a second date. There were no ancient great cities, naval fleets, markets or populous civilizations in sub-Saharan Africa. The groups evolved completely different, both physically, socially and mentally.

It is because of those obvious evolutionary forces that the differences between the sexes and races should be studied. I am a conservative white male, part of the “privileged” race and sex, so I have no incentive to distort science to gain a political and social advantage. But what if I wasn’t? What if the Progressives didn’t define the white heterosexual male as the ideal, but instead determined homosexual Asian females as the ideal. I would be exposed to constant social pressure encouraging me to sleep with men and pursue jobs and hobbies that would make me suicidal. Because Progressives don’t encourage minorities and women to celebrate who they are, it is understandable why the Progressives that buy into their equality ideology are so miserable and demonstrate such destructive self-hate. Progressive followers are simply seeking someone else’s vision of what they should be. Who made Progressives the final arbiter of what race and sex are the ideals? There are a lot of drawbacks to being White Males, for one, you have to tolerate endless childish attacks by the Progressives.


Just as I would hate to have society pressuring me to be a homosexual Asian woman, women must hate being pressured to become engineers and mathematicians, and blacks must hate to be pressured to enter fields that they don’t have an aptitude for as well. The digital revolution has largely occurred post the 1960’s sexual and civil rights revolution. Women and Blacks had an equal opportunity to get into computer programming and coding, we were all here during the birth of this nascent industry, yet it was white men that created and succeeded in the industry. Women and blacks could have created a computer or software programs, but they didn’t. There are no real barriers to entry to that industry, but White Men seem to naturally dominate in it. There is no way parents in the 1960s were encouraging their boys to become Java programmers because there was no Java. You can’t blame racism and sexism because consumers don’t know who coded the program, and anyone can upload an App for sale in the Google App Store. Color and sex blind consumers determine who succeeds and who doesn’t.

Why is this important? Let’s assume that blacks and women do have different mental aptitudes than white males. If you were black or a female, wouldn’t you want to know what they were?  Shouldn’t we be helping people reach their potentials by identifying their strengths and weaknesses, not treating them as homogenized pawns in some counterproductive and divisive political game? Once again, if I was being told I should be homosexual and work in a job contrary to my interests and aptitudes, I’d be suicidal. Begin a white male does have huge advantages, my life has never been shaped by the insane self-hate generating positions of the Progressives. I do what I want and I work in the field that I want 100%  because I was drawn to it. I am extremely thankful for that, and I can only hope that others get to live a life of such freedom and self-actualization.

Lastly, do the math. There is a reason we don’t want our women to be manning the front lines of a battlefield. 1 man and 100 women can easily keep the species alive. 100 men and 1 women and the species become extinct. When it comes to evolution men and women aren’t equal, not even close. Women are essential, men are expendable, in fact, the female of some species actually kills and eats the male after mating. The Progressive ideology of “equality” literally threatens the survival of the species if global war ever breaks out. Societies that lose a large percent of childbearing age women become extinct. Men retain their ability to reproduce until the day they die. There is nothing equal about the role men and women play in evolution.

Another Perspective: John McWhorter argues that Progressive policies are what are holding Blacks back, not racism as claimed by the Progressives

Here is another idea: Rachel Weisz Rejects Female James Bond: Women Should ‘Get Their Own Stories’ “Why not create your own story”

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Trillions of Dollars Wasted on a False Alarm and Fraud


One of the poster children of global warming is the island nation of Tuvalu, an island selected because it was claimed that it would be the first nation to disappear from the map.

A new Atlantis? Maybe. But not all scientists agree that Tuvalu’s future is underwater. Some critics have branded island leaders as opportunists angling for foreign handouts and special recognition for would-be “environmental refugees” who, they say, are exploiting the crisis to gain entry to New Zealand and Australia. Others have even said that people and organizations sympathetic to Tuvalu are “eco-imperialists” intent on imposing their alarmist environmental views on the rest of the world.

Ecoimperalists used this island, starving polar bears and other emotional tactics to push an eco-fascist agenda costing in the trillions and trillions of dollars that could be spent on far more pressing and important issues. The problem by is, basing the entire reason for your existence on a lie you are certain to be disappointed by the facts. It turns out Tuvalu isn’t sinking into a swamp, it is actually INCREASING IN SIZE.

This humorous example of just how misguided global warming hysteria is, does, however, expose a more serious issue. Sea Level is a relatively objective measure, global surface temperatures are highly subjective and routinely and continually “adjusted.” People can see the high water marks on bridges, cliffs, rocks, piers and other ancient geologic structures.

If global temperatures are in fact increasing at an increasing rate, glaciers would be melting at an increasing rate, and in turn, sea level would be increasing at an increasing rate…it isn’t.

The two major causes of global sea level rise are thermal expansion caused by warming of the ocean (since water expands as it warms) and increased melting of land-based ice, such as glaciers and ice sheets. The oceans are absorbing more than 90 percent of the increased atmospheric heat associated with emissions from human activity.

The above quote is from NOAA, and at the top of the page, they do claim sea level is increasing at an increasing rate.

Is sea level rising?
Yes, sea level is rising at an increasing rate.

The problem is, data doesn’t support NOAA’s claim, nor do the experts.

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There is tremendous variation in global sea levels, they are flat between 2016 and today, they fell shortly after 2010 and in the mid-1960. One thing for certain, sea levels have been increasing since the end of the last ice-age/glaciation, and today’s rate of change is at the extreme low end of the range. Also, while CO2 and sea level are likely relatively correlated over the past 150 years, both have been increasing together since data for CO2 since the mid-1800s, that isn’t the case for the period prior. CO2 was relatively flat for the past 15,000 years, yet sea levels increased dramatically, and at a much higher rate. Only by cherry picking the time frame does the data support NOAA’s claim.

The other problem with NOAA’s claim is that thermal expansion is causing much of the sea level increase. NOAA claims that “the oceans are absorbing more than 90 percent of the increased atmospheric heat associated with emissions from human activity.” That is pure nonsense. First, the oceans are warmed by incoming visible radiation and contain 2,000x or more energy than the atmosphere. You could transfer all the energy from the atmosphere to the oceans and it wouldn’t register a temperature increase on even the most sensitive thermometers. Second, the only mechanism by which CO2 could warm the oceans is through the back radiation of 13 to 18µ LWIR radiation. Those wavelengths simply don’t penetrate or warm water. Lastly, the increase in daytime temperatures is due to incoming warming visible radiation, wavelengths that are transparent to CO2. In reality, the atmosphere doesn’t warm the oceans, the oceans warm the atmosphere. Water vapor absorbs far more of the LWIR spectrum than CO2, and the air above the oceans are saturated with water vapor, negating any additional contribution by CO2.

While slimate clientists have had plenty of time to “adjust” the ground measurements for temperatures to fit their models, they haven’t had as much time and ability to adjust other data sources. Ground-based temperatures have been the focus of adjustments, creating a means to expose the fraud.

Relatively unadjusted climate data include the NASA Satelite and Balloon temperature measurements, and sea level rate of change. Out of all the data sets that are available for climate research, only the highly “adjusted” ground measurements support the claim of AGW, but even those claims have weakening support. In any real science, when presented with objective unadjusted data or subjective “adjusted” data, the real scientist would choose the raw data. If slimate clience were a true science, they would be using the evidence presented by the sea level rate of change, satellite and balloon data as evidence that climate change isn’t a threat to humanity. Only when you want to make the hysterical claims of pending catastrophe would a propagandist choose the data “adjusted” to make that very case. That data is the ground-based temperature measurements, the least reliable and most heavily “adjusted” of all data sets. That is evidence of fraud, not science.

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