Climate “Science” on Trial; The Forensic Files: Exhibit A

Exhibit A: Al Gore’s Ice Core CO2 Temperature Chart


Ironically, some of the most damning evidence again the AGW or Anthropogenic Global Warming Theory comes from Al Gore himself.

Talking Points:

  1. Climate change is the norm. Never in the 800,000-year ice core record is climate not changing.
  2. Four Temperature Peaks in the last 400,000 years were all above today’s temperatures and occurred at lower CO2 levels.
  3. Every glaciation began when CO2 was at or near peak levels, in other words, high CO2 levels were not enough to prevent a glaciation.
  4. The current record high level of 400 parts per million(ppm) CO2, a full 33% above any previous level on the chart, has failed to carry temperatures to a record high.
  5. For any cause and effect relationship, the cause MUST lead the effect. CO2 does not lead Temperature, it follows it by 800 to 1,500 years. This video does an exhaustive review of the research. The AGW Theory is similar to claiming that lung cancer causes smoking. (Must Watch Video Clip)
  6. There is no mechanism defined that explains how or why CO2 would lead temperatures to pull the globe out of an ice age.
  7. There is no mechanism defined to explain how or why high levels of CO2 would trigger an ice age.
  8. The only defined mechanism by which CO2 can cause climate change is by trapping outgoing long-wave infrared (LWIR) radiation between the wavelengths of 13 and 18 microns. CO2 can only result in warming, there is no mechanism by which it can result in cooling. CO2 can only trap outgoing radiation, that is it.
  9. In the documentary “An Inconvenient Truth” Al Gore discusses how his classmate challenged the “consensus” of the continents never having been joined. The teacher mocked Al’s friend for challenging the “consensus.” The arrogant and close-minded teacher spouting the “consensus” view was wrong. Today, Al Gore and his fellow climate alarmists are acting like the closed-minded and very wrong Teacher. Albert Einstein, Christopher Columbus, Michelangelo, and Galileo aren’t remembered for agreeing with the “consensus,” they are remembered for shattering the “consensus.”
  10. Because the data collected are “proxies” they represent smoothed averages, so the actual true peak temperature or CO2 levels aren’t actually known. Every data point in the Ice Core data represents a time span that can exceed 1,000 years or more. In data lingo, we would say that this data isn’t very “granular,” and doesn’t provide a lot of specific details. It is extremely possible, in fact highly likely that the actual peak temperatures exceeded the level represented in the chart.
  11. The error bars are not included on the chart so it is impossible to true understanding of just how accurate/reliable those numbers are.
  12. Along with this chart, Al Gore presented many more questionable findings in his documentary “An Inconvenient Truth.”
  13. No other climate variables are presented on the chart. There may be far more explanatory variables that are excluded, such as the amount of radiation reaching the earth’s surface, cloud cover, cosmic rays, average humidity, particulate matter in the atmosphere, orbit of the earth, tilt of the earth, “wobble” around the axis of the earth, location of the earth is the galactic orbit, etc etc. In other words, Al Gore and the climate alarmists only provide you with enough evidence to reach the conclusion they want you to reach. For instance, I could show you a chart of the government debt and global temperatures and they both fit together pretty well. As the debt increased, so did temperatures, but that chart is pretty meaningless, and represents nothing more than a coincidence. In other words, correlation does not prove causation.
  14. The honesty and integrity of Al Gore and his “friend Lonnie Thompson” are questionable.
  15. Climate has been extremely variable for the past 800,000, and none of the volatility was due to anthropocentric CO2 prior to 150 years ago. Natural causes clearly dominate the variation in climate, most of which are poorly understood.
  16. The data in the chart combines proxy ice core data for the historical record, and instrumental data for near-term up to the current. Those data sets appear to have different volatility characteristics, and is most likely due to the instrumental data being more “granular.” The problem is that this data set isn’t consistent, and is some ways is a combination of apples and oranges. The temperature from the ice core is taken from one location, whereas thermometer data is taken around the globe.
  17. Here is another chart that shows more information than Al Gore’s. From this chart one can see the problems with ice core data. The farther back in time one goes, the dust data seems to dilute, unless for some reason dust concentrations were different during past ice ages. We are also near a record low, which would imply that more visible/warming radiation is reaching the earth. From this chart, it is more logical to conclude that less particulate matter is what is causing the warming than CO2. Maybe that is why Al Gore fails to present the data.


18. This chart demonstrates the variability of the Holocene in greater detail.


19. This chart highlights how dust, particulate matter, and solar output are extremely important to global temperatures.


Facebook Censorship; Congress Should Investigate Anti-Conservative Bias


Yet another one of my posts exposing the Global Warming/Climate Change/Climate Disruption/Coming Ice Age Hoax has been censored on Facebook. Personally, I wear their censorship like a badge of honor, but as a foundational “media” organization, their blatant, biased and Un-Democratic policies should not be tolerated in a free society. I encourage all readers to forward this post to their representatives.  This Blog and its many posts are a great example of the overt discrimination against conservatives that is condoned, rewarded, encoded in algorithms and codified in policies and procedures. I was audited by the IRS 3 times under President Obama, as was a friend of mine involved is similar activities. It is time someone starts to punch back. No one in America should live in fear of retribution or censorship for simply engaging in honest, open, and intellectual conversations. The right to free speech, assembly and the press are not limited to the political left.

Here is the headline and link to the post most recently censored:

Sea Level Sophistry; Junk Science Masquerading as the Basis for UnSound Public Policy

This introductory comment may have been the trigger:

The more scientifically illiterate you are, the more convincing the Climate Alarmists’ arguments become. Climate Alarmists know that and that is why they usually only provide half the story at best, and as we all know, “half the truth is often twice the lie.” No matter if it is Coral Reefs, Sea Ice, Global Temperatures or other claims, the Alarmists’ arguments simply don’t hold up under even the most simple of analysis.

That comment is tame compared to the Anti-Cop, Anti-Trump, Anti-White Privilege, Anti-Male, Anti-Christian, Anti-Conservative, Anti-Catholic, Anti-Science “Denier,” and Anti-Republican posts that dominate Facebook and other social media. This bias would be extremely easy for Congress to prove. Simply compare the above quote to the vulgar comments made recently by the new DNC Chair Tom Perez. Facebook allows his comments to be posted.

DNC chair Perez criticized for frequent swearing

Mockery if the Left’s Preferred Form of Discourse:

Mockery is a form of “hate speech,” Mockery is a form of “Bullying,” Mockery is a form of “Micro-Aggression,” Mockery is a form of “Divisive Language.” Mockery isn’t “Inclusive,” Mockery is “Discriminatory,” Mockery is “Mean.” Just watch shows like Bill Maher’s Real Time, Saturday Night Live, Stephen Colbert’s “Late-Night,” MSNBC’s “News,” all are welcome on Facebook, and all are far more abusive to Conservatives than any of my posts could ever hope to be to any member of the Cult of Global Warming. There are no “safe spaces” for Conservatives on Facebook, in fact, they “blame the victim” and punish them with censorship. Conservatives are routinely virtually “assaulted” and “violated” on Facebook, and nothing is done to the perpetrators.

Left-wing Democracy; One Man, One Vote, One Time

One only needs to look at the carnage liberals have inflicted on our educational system, media, judicial and regulatory institutions to understand America can’t continue down this path. A path that has destroyed countless other societies throughout history. Our Bill-of-Rights was intended to prevent the very events that are unfolding today.

Recently the New York Times wrote an article promoting the idea of filing anti-Trust laws against Facebook, Google and not only breaking them up, but also regulating them as public utilities. Conservatives should support that idea. Users of Facebook should be allowed to “self” identity as conservative, liberal, male, female, gay, straight, Muslim, Christian, black, white, Hispanic, etc etc etc. The accounts of these self-identified people would then be packaged and sold off as stand-alone companies. The different Facebook companies would still be able to communicate, but each one would be under their own form of self-rule, and no longer would conservatives need to fear censorship by liberals intent on forcing their homogenized, sterile, Marxist view of the world down everyone’s throats.

Force Mark Zuckerberg to answer for his discrimination against Conservatives before Congress. Expose him as the Communist sympathizer that he is, as evidenced by his totalitarian eagerness and willingness to violate the civil rights of Conservatives, and support for Marxist ideas like guaranteed incomes.

Extend the definition of “protected class” to include political affiliation. Laws that promote minority and woman ownership of media outlets, should be opened to Conservatives. Universities that demonstrate a political bias in their staffing should be barred from any Federal Funding.

Apply consumer protection laws to the media. The media is selling a political ideology, based on certain factual ingredients. Fake news should be labeled a “deceptive” marketing practice, intended to defraud the public. The spirit of the 1st Amendment was to protect the media watchdogs from Government retribution. It was never envisioned as protecting a media acting as a propaganda tool for the Government. We need Separation of Media and State laws put in place.

Bottom line, if Facebook can freely censor people like me, they can censor anyone. That isn’t good for America, Freedom and/or Democracy. If Facebook censors me, those same standards need to be applied to voices from the left. Facebook either has to embrace “diversity” of opinion and “equality” of access and opportunity, or they should face the wrath of a majority Republican/Conservative Congress and Executive Branch that suffers from this bias as much as I do. The firsts Amendment doesn’t only apply to the political left, it applies to all Americans. Congress shouldn’t allow social media undermine our Constitution, Freedom, Rights and Democracy. Congress needs to remind Silicon Valley this is America, not Russia, not Cuba, not China, and not Cuba. They had better assimilate the Bill of Rights and the American Values it defined into their algorithms, or risk being censored themselves. Censorship isn’t American, and America shouldn’t tolerate corporations violating individual’s civil rights. Facebook didn’t build the Internet, the US Taxpayers did, and they didn’t build it to be a tool of oppression.

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March For Pseudoscience and Watermelon Environmentalism


When I saw that the “March for Science” was going to honor Bill Nye “The Sex Junk” Guy (Warning: you can not unsee this video) and Michael “Climate Bully” Mann, I knew this was nothing more than another phony sanctimonious narcissistic liberal lovefest designed to promote the corruption and politicization of science. To test my hypothesis that no honest self-respecting scientist would ever attend such an event I went searching for the list of speakers at this “March for Science,” and sure enough, not a single Nobel Prize in Science winner could be found. Michael “The Inquisition” Mann claims to have a Nobel Prize, but that is a Nobel PEACE Prize given to the IPCC, not a Nobel Prize in Science for work actually done in Science.

‘[Mann] did not receive any personal certificate’—Geir Lundestad, Dir. Prof. for The Norwegian Nobel Inst.: 1) Michael Mann has never been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. 2) He did not receive any personal certificate. He has taken the diploma awarded in 2007 to IPCC (& to Al Gore) & made his own text underneath this authentic-looking diploma’

Nobel Committee corrects Mann: ‘The text underneath diploma is entirely his own. We issued only the diploma to IPCC as such. No individuals on IPCC side received anything in 2007’

Science-March-2 (1)

Being a liberal event there is always a hidden agenda, and the one certainty is that the stated mission is not what the event is actually about. The “March for Science” wasn’t about science, at best it was about promoting the politicization of science, encouragement of pseudoscience and of course, more funding.

In other words, the “march for science” is just another mob of ignorant leftist loudmouths who want to enslave us all even more than we already are with huge new economy-destroying/unemployment-generating taxes and Soviet-style central planning of the economy in the name of “saving” Mother Earth. If they were really interested in helping the planet out, they would have spent their weekend picking up trash on the streets of D.C. instead of generating tons of it.


The other piece of evidence that this was simply a liberal lovefest, and not a legitimate “March for Science,” is that it was highly exclusionary. Just like the leftist “Women’s March” excluded Pro-Life Women, Berkeley excludes speakers like Milo and Ann Coulter, and every other liberal event, you either join the herd, tow the party line, embrace the groupthink, or be gone. Leftist politics is extremely intolerant of any dissension in the ranks. Leftists are the party of “collective rights,” “societal rights,” “the greater good,” they are not fans of individual rights. Community organizers aren’t working for the good of the individual, they aren’t personal life coaches helping someone with self-improvement, they are organizing communities behind a common cause, often a cause that is harmful to the individual being organized.

On Monday, it was revealed one of the sponsors of the march was removed from the event list due to outrage over the sponsor’s pro-life views. The group, New Wave Feminists, based out of Texas, is comprised of pro-life women who oppose Trump’s election. The organizers of the march claimed the platform is a pro-choice one which advocates for “open access to safe, legal, affordable abortion and birth control for all people,” which is ultimately why the pro-life group is no longer welcome to participate. Planned Parenthood and NARAL Pro-Choice America are sponsors of the event, but sadly there is no room for a pro-life group at a march representing and celebrating the diversity of feminism.

Here is the list of speakers at the “March for Science,” not a single Nobel Laureate listed. While I was unable to find any notable scientists on this list of speakers, I was able to find plenty of non-scientists, political groups, and NGOs. One would think that a “March for Science” would have to turn away real scientists from speaking, instead, it appears they had serious trouble finding anyone willing to attach their name to this event.

Here are a few names I felt were worth highlighting.

  1. Jane Hirshfield Award-winning Poet
  2. Roger Johnson President, National Farmers Union
  3. Timothy Ingalsbee Executive Director, Firefighters United for Safety, Ethics and Ecology (FUSEE)
  4. Lydia Villa-Komaroff Founding Member, Society for the Advancement of Chicanos/Hispanics and Native Americans in Science (SACNAS)
  5. Shawn Otto Author of The War on Science & Co-founder and producer of US Presidential science debates
  6. Jeane Wong CEO & Founder, The League of Extraordinary Scientists and Engineers
  7. Taylor Richardson Aspiring Astronaut
  8. Dan Abrams Global Director of Earth Day
  9. Mark Tercek President and CEO, The Nature Conservancy
  10. Joe Romm Founding Editor,
  11. Maya Lin Artist, Environmentalist, Founder and President of What Is Missing? Foundation
  12. Rachel Kyte CEO and Special Representative to the UN Secretary-General for Sustainable Energy for All
  13. Christy Goldfuss Vice President, Energy and Environmental Policy, Center for American Progress
  14. Heidi Cullen Chief Scientist, Climate Central
  15. Jamie Rappaport Clark President & CEO, Defenders of Wildlife
  16. Lawrence Benenson Charitarian
  17. Brooke Bateman Director of Climate Watch, National Audubon Society, Science Division
  18. Mustafa Santiago Ali Senior Vice President of Climate, Environmental Justice and Community Revitalization, Hip Hop Caucus


Nowhere on the list of speakers or sponsors can you find anything close to legitimate scientists or scientific organizations. Real climate scientists like Dr. Spencer and Christy at UAH were not only not invited or welcomed, they had their windows shot out.  Dr. Pielke Jr and Dr. Curry were also notably absent, as were Anthony Watts and Kenji.

The smartest people on the planet want to oppose Trump & the best they can come up with is a march in support of themselves? – Roger Pielke Jr

Here are the sponsors of the “March for Science,” doubtful a legitimate science organization among any of them. The Orwellian “Union of Concerned Scientists” only requires a credit card for membership, no degree or professional requirements at all. They are mostly left-wing political advocacy groups masquerading as legitimate scientific authorities except, of course, maybe the “Hip Hop Caucus.”

Notably absent from the list of speakers and organizations are NASA, The Nobel Organization, The National Academy of Science, Science and Nature Magazine, Dr. James Hansen, NOAA Whistleblower John Bates, EPA Chief Scott Pruitt, or any organization that even slightly resembles a conservative leaning or Trump affiliation. This march was nothing more than political theater, and the real scientists know that, and that is why they avoided the event. The politicization of science is the greatest threat to real science, and the groups pushing that agenda are all listed on the “March for Climate Funding Science” website, right next to the “Donate” button. With friends like leftists, scientists don’t need enemies.

Post Publish Comment: The New Republic Magazine, delivering a blow to Micheal Mann’s ego, acknowledged that there was only one recognizable “scientist” at the “March for Science,” Bill Nye the Science Guy. Unfortunately, that isn’t a joke.

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